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Middle School Fundraising Ideas Tennessee – Kiss A Goat Fundraiser

The “Kiss a Goat” School Fundraiser From Tennessee

Would you be willing to kiss a goat to raise money for your elementary school? We hope you enjoy these middle school fundraising ideas in Tennessee.

What is a “Kiss A Goat” fundraiser?

It all started originally as a “kiss a pig fundraiser”. However, nobody had a pig! On the other hand, a goat named “Dirty Gina” was available. I don’t know about you, but just hearing that goat’s name makes me laugh! Furthermore, I’m not so sure I would sign up to do this!

Yet, we see 5 great people that were willing to sign up for the good cause. These heroes included 4 teachers and the school resource officer.

How did this middle school fundraising idea in Tennessee work?

Imagine five pickle jars. Each of the jars had a hero’s name on it. Whoever had the most cash in the jars at the end of five days got to kiss the goat. It was up to the donors to decide who they wanted to see kiss the goat.

Can you guess who got the most money in their jar? It was a school resource officer Benton Brown. He never thought kissing a goat named “Dirty Gina” was in his job description! At first he was hesitant, yet in the end, he was a good sport. As you can imagine the crowd went wild!

Officer Brown said the fundraiser helped build rapport with the parents, students, and community. It shows them that the officers can be silly too.

To make it even more fun, the music teacher wrote a parody of Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” and changed the words to “I Kissed a Goat”. A good time was had by all.

What lesson can you learn from this middle school fundraiser idea from Tennessee?

Firstly, find a way to add fun to your next fundraiser. Did you notice that the creative choice to kiss a goat made people WANT to donate to this fundraiser?

The lesson for your school?

Look for ways to add FUN and excitement to your next school fundraising event. If you are looking for creative school fundraising ideas, then please look at our blog articles here. We have dozens of fun fundraising ideas from all over the country!

Secondly, get your staff involved. Your students will enjoy your event more when beloved teachers and coaches are involved in the fundraising event.

Thirdly, the “kiss a goat” fundraiser was held at the same time of the school’s talent show. By combining two fundraisers, they were able to raise twice as much money for their school. How can you do that?

We encourage combining  and scheduling school fundraisers throughout the year. For example, our gourmet popcorn fundraiser or our gift wrap fundraiser is perfect to raise money for middle schools.

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