Student Council Fundraising Ideas

Student Council Fundraising Ideas

Student Council Fundraising Ideas that are Successful 

Are you looking for some easy student council fundraising ideas for your school? Whether you are looking for a student council fundraiser for your high school, middle school or elementary school, we want to help. Our top fundraising ideas for student government association are both fun and profitable.

How can students raise funds for their school during Covid?

The Student council, student union, or associated student body has been around for about 100 years now.

Back in 1917, John Dewey in Democracy and Education outlined the role of a student organization to help students learn about democracy and leadership. Today, a GSA helps to share students’ concerns and ideas with teachers and school principals all over the country. In fact, your council members may be having a school fundraiser because of your student council ideas for change.

The National Association of Student Councils, tells us that the purpose of your school council is to empower students and to learn about community service and leadership. Fund raising is an important part of that, isn’t it?

With a little bit of planning their are many things you can do to raise money for your student council during Covid pandemic.

Student Government Fund Raising Projects

Your student council is probably helping to raise funds for school social events, community projects, helping people in need as well as school reform.

This takes a lot of time, energy and resources, doesn’t it? Whether you are raising money for a food drive, or for new school equipment, or a relay for life fund raiser, we want to help you.

First of all, make sure that all of the student council members are on board. If you are the fund raising officer, will you be getting support from the President, Vice-President, secretary, treasurer, and reporter? Hence, the success of your fund raising project depends on the support of the entire school council body.

Next, you need to pick a fun school council fundraiser.

What do we suggest you can do during Covid-19?

  • Adapt your fundraiser to respect social distancing.
  • Use zoom, facebook live and youtube livestreams to hold “live” events online.
  • Arrange for products to be delivered or picked up so everyone stays safe.
  • Use websites, social media, texting to give, email and phone calls to get the word out virtually.

Our Best Student Council Fundraiser Ideas During The Pandemic- Fundraising Catalogs

10 dollar cookie dough brochure is perfect example for student council fundraiser ideasImagine a colorful brochure filled with pictures of things that people want to buy and eat. That is exactly what a fund raising catalog is. It is a brochure filled with beautiful pictures of things that your friends and family want to buy. In fact, they may include things that they are buying already.

Doesn’t it make sense that they should buy them from your school council and support your school instead? Of course it does!

Why will your fellow council members love our creative school council fundraising ideas? That’s easy! They are simple, fun and profitable for your school.

Your fellow students are busy keeping up with studies, homework and running your student government association. The last thing you have time for is to figure out how to do this on your own. So you can either get some help or spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

Thankfully, we have plenty of experience helping schools raise money. Because of that we have a lot to share with you for free.

Just suppose you could have an easy school fundraiser that:

  • Provides you with all of the color brochures your students will need for free?
  • Also gives your school the opportunity to earn up to to 52% profit on each sale?
  • In addition, requires no upfront costs? That means you pay no upfront money out of pocket.
  • Finally, includes all of the free coaching you could dream of?

What would you say to that?

Additional Virtual Fundraising ideas for Students

Here are a few more student council fundraising ideas that students and parents can schedule through the year.

Of course you will need to decide what is appropriate for your schools grade level. The donation amounts you receive will depend on the entrance fees and your promotional efforts using word of mouth and social media.

Penny Jars

So why not start a penny jar? First of all, this is very easy to organize. All you need is cooperation from the teachers and parents and children. You also need a few jars or jugs. Finally, make it a game. Start with a specific financial goal. Then award a gift to the children who meet that goal first.

Gift wrap

Sell gift wrap like the Sally Foster program. This is a great school fundraising opportunity. To begin with consider which parents, family and neighbors buy wrapping paper. Create a specific list of your potential customers. Explain how their donations help the children in your nonprofit.

Sell popcorn

Why should you consider fund raising with popcorn sales? These are very easy for teachers and parents to organize. It is also a very profitable council fundraising event. How does up to 50% profit sound to you? Children love school fundraising ideas like this because they can also win a free gift with the prize incentive program.

Cookie dough

Did you know that one of our most popular school fundraising brochures is our $10 $10 Cookie dough tubs?  Why do kids, parents and teachers love this school fundraising event? Its 100% risk free to get started with absolutely no upfront costs. Furthermore, your nonprofit makes up to 50% on each sale. Seriously think about this for your next student council fundraising event.

Additional Student Fundraiser Ideas

  • Scratch cards
  • Raise money with discount cards
  • Duct tape teachers day
  • Sell tickets to play games and for sports competitions
  • Find local sponsors from local businesses in your community. Ask them to advertise in your school newspaper.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Raise funds with a battle of the bands
  • Bake sale
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Movie night
  • Trivia night
  • Parents date night
  • Haunted house
  • Art auction and art show
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Lemonade stand
  • Flower bulb fund raising
  • Lollipops
  • School carnival
  • Car wash
  • Furthermore, you can host restaurant dinners at a local diner.
  • You can also have an ice cream fundraiser. (Who doesn’t like ice cream?)
  • In addition, you can hold a bottle and can drive
  • Finally, just ask for donations

How teachers, parents and children can get free help

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our top tips, suggestions and ideas shared here.

What is the perfect fundraiser for your school? That will depend on what your goals are. One of our team members would be happy to explain how our brochure and catalog program works.

They will also be glad to share with you some of our proven school counsel fundraising ideas for high school.

Why not get your free fundraising guide here and then pick up the phone and call us now?