Secrets to a Profitable Band Fundraiser


Want to hear a secret? Try these profitable band fundraiser tips.

Are you looking for profitable band fundraisers? School bands hold a special place in our hearts. They give our kids a place to express their talents and creativity, to have fun, and to learn about teamwork and discipline. By joining band, our kids grow their self-esteem and enjoy a wonderful camaraderie with other kids like themselves.

But of course, band programs can be costly to run. They require a range of expenses, from uniform repair to new instruments. Unfortunately, school arts programs are often the first ones cut when school board budgets are squeezed.

That means that fundraising often falls on the shoulders of parents and community members to fill the financial gap for their kids to enjoy all the benefits of school band programs.

To help you be as successful as you can be, here are a few tips to your band fundraising efforts.

Raise the energy

  • First, make sure everyone is on the same page. Start by informing your entire team about the goals for the fundraiser. How much money are you hoping to raise? What will the funds help to pay for? How will they improve the band members’ experience? Put those ideas front and center in every communication you have with the band and your fundraising supporters. Because if you don’t communicate your needs… How can anyone ever help you?
  • Additionally, you need to remind everyone to tell everyone else they encounter about those benefits, too. It will help to motivate them to buy, donate, and support your band fundraiser.
  • Furthermore, set realistic but aggressive sales goals for your drive. So, don’t be afraid to set the bar high. Because people are often energized by a challenge.
  • Involve your members in the process of selecting the type of drive you have and the dates involved. That way they’ll feel that they matter and they’ll be on board and excited about what you are doing.
  • If possible, get everyone to commit to participating and setting their own personal goals for the effort. Remember also that these tips also apply for any of your school marching band fundraiser ideas too.


Learn From The Past For Your Current Band Fundraiser

Before you jump in scheduling your next fundraising drive, it might be a good idea to review how you’ve done in the past, and learn from your experiences so far. A quick review of your previous fundraising drives might be quite enlightening. For example:

  1. What were your goals for previous fundraisers?
  2. How much money did you actually raise and how did that compare to the goals you set?
  3. Additionally, did you have each member set personal goals for the drive? So, how many members surpassed their goals?
  4. Were you also happy with the level of involvement of the members? If not, review the section above for pointers!
  5. In addition, how did your customers and the community receive your products or services? Would they want to come back for more? Do the market research because your customers will tell you what they liked and disliked about your fundraising event.
  6. How would you rate the amount of return you got for the effort put out? Should you consider a different type of drive?
  7. Did the timing of the drive work for it? Were there holidays, events, weather issues, or any other circumstances that helped or hindered its performance?
  8. Furthermore, are you scheduling too many drives so people lose excitement about them? Or should you add some to keep the momentum going?
  9. Finally, what could you do better in the future, that would help everyone consider your fundraising drive a success?
  10. Bonus tip: Check with the other booster clubs in your school and other schools. Talk to the booster parents to find out what worked for them. This is wise because it can help you see an idea you wouldn’t have ever come up with on your own.


Popular & Profitable Band Fundraising Ideas:

In conclusion, here are a few of the many popular band fundraising ideas that are fun, fairly easy to do, and often successful. Some can be done simply by band participation. Others involve the community and so have greater visibility.

Finally, do you have questions about running a profitable band fundraiser? Want some helpful selling tips? Get them here.