A Night to Remember: Gearing Up for Your Prom Fundraiser

Prom is a rite of passage for teens in America. And because it marks the beginning of a new era in their lives, they deserve the whole shebang. Music, punch, and pictures are the bare minimum for a good time. But wouldn’t you like to make it a night to remember? Full course meals with salmon and steak selections might be beyond the school budget. However, with the right prom fundraiser, your planning committee can make prom night dreams come true.  The bottom line is: raise money for prom. We have some easy school prom fundraising ideas for you. But first, lets talk about your prom plan.


What is Your School’s Prom Plan?

Are you having an outdoor tent formal cookout? Will there be a live band or a dj? Depending on how big your school’s senior class is, you can conduct a quick survey to have students choose from a few different themes. This will help steer decisions like budget, fundraising goals, and prom needs like decorations and food. Whether you opt for an elegant indoor setting or a fun outdoor one with a band and some grills going, there’s going to have to be a plan in place. Some important things to consider for will be:


  1. Budget: First of all, it’s important to know how much money you have in the school budget to work with. Additionally, you need to know how much funds you need to raise to pull off the prom of all proms. We can help you get there with our easy fundraisers that offer low entry costs and high yields on donated funds.
  2. Time: Additionally, raising money all school year long is the best thing you can do to ensure meeting and surpassing prom fundraising goals. So, utilize the seasons and holidays to emphasize different fundraising options available to you.
  3. Theme: Finally, as a general rule, the more elaborate the theme, the more fundraising you’ll need to do to pull it off. A Steampunk Soiree might take more decorating and ambience setting than a Backyard Barbecue, so in all instances, you want to make sure your theme and budget can meet somewhere in the middle.


How Much Help Can You Enlist?

Who has signed up for the prom committee? It’s up to them to get the word out about fundraising efforts, and anyone interested in attending prom should have a part to play. Have the prom committee enlist as many seniors (and juniors for junior prom) as possible. Incentivize them by offering a drawing for a gift certificate for a prom dress or tuxedo rental for the occasion.


We can help you raise the money you need for your prom.

In an ideal situation, you want a no-risk, high reward prom fundraiser for your prom committee to manage. Guess what? We offer just that. Our fundraisers have options for every taste and season, so year-round fundraising for the perfect prom is easy to execute. We want to help you reach your fundraising goals, so we make sure you receive up to 50% of all revenue and pay nothing up front to get started in most cases. In conclusion, here are some of our top sellers to choose from:


  • Snackin In the USA: a diverse collection of America’s favorite snacks including butter toffee peanuts, Hawaiian Delights, and chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts, raisins, and malt balls. This is a sure shot with all age
  • $10 Dollar Dough: no one doesn’t like cookie dough. This fundraiser offers 10 flavors of cookies to choose from. Try the triple chocolate dough, white chocolate macadamia dough, oatmeal raisin dough, and sugar cookie dough too. These are sure to bring in the dough for a sweet prom night.
  • Home style Fudge: did you know there’s such a thing as strawberry cheesecake fudge? And it is so delicious. Imagine little tasty squares of flavor like chocolate, cookies and cream, peanut butter, and chocolate walnut. This makes this one of the top prom fundraisers.

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