The Jam Session: Band Fundraisers for Music Program Preservation


Jam Session Fundraiser – A Fun Band Fundraiser Program

Lace up your shoes everyone, because you’re going to Regionals in style. And we are going to help you get there every step of the way. Whether your school band is a sextet or a large orchestra, depending on budget funding is not a safe bet. It’s no secret that school music programs are responsible for creative development, discipline, and creative expression. It’s important to keep them thriving. Your job is to find new and interesting ways to pique the interest of your school and surrounding community. This is an important part of making sure the school band continues to support some of the most important parts of childhood development- confidence and diverse skills.  Learn the best band fundraiser program for your school.


Why “The Jam Session”?

Community involvement is a huge part of successful band fundraising. Connecting with small business in your town is going to contribute greatly to the fundraising cause. Musicians refer to free music play in private or public as “The Jam Session.” And gathering a small group of students to organize one can prove to be a great way to generate interest in fundraising. Small businesses like local coffee shops, bookstores, community centers, restaurants, and even the local mall may jump at the opportunity to have live music to:

  • Entertain their customers.
  • Bring them visitors in students and parents alike.
  • Offer exposure to their regular patrons for your band fundraising efforts.
  • Include the jam session in your marching band fundraisers and have even more fun!!!

Brochure Fundraising provides merchandise for immediate sale and distribution. Furthermore playing to a crowd gives incentive for getting behind the school band’s enterprise.

How Do I Organize A Band Fundraiser Program?

The best way to set up “The Jam Session” is to talk to your local businesses. Ask them if they would be interested in keeping arts programs in schools alive. There aren’t many reasons why anyone would refuse to get behind a cause like that. So, start scheduling your jam session players for appearances. Once your schedule is ready, start promoting!

You can:

This will help you to generate sales and spread the Jam Session news by word of mouth at the same time. Furthermore, it helps to send out the word that anyone is welcome to perform at The Jam Session. Any musician knows that a jam session is open and free, but make sure it’s stated explicitly to get more interest and exposure.

Play Music – Raise Money

Now for the music! Popular music is always a huge hit with students’ peers, but classic hits are great for everyone. If you’re smarter than the average bear, you’ll find current hits that have been sampled from classic composers. But classic hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana, “I Wish,” by Stevie Wonder, and “Hey Jude,” by The Beatles move people to sing along and jam with the band at The Jam Session. Happy people are happy to donate to the cause of music that makes them feel… Well, happy! Can Help You Raise Money With A Band Fundraiser Program

The Jam Session affords your band two opportunities to generate revenue for your needs.

  1. The word of mouth promotion utilizing any of our Brochure Fundraisers during the door-to-door phase.
  2. And The Jam Session itself where attendees have the opportunity to order both as repeat customers or new ones.

The tasty treats they have to choose from include:

  • Cookie dough
  • Home-style fudge
  • Assorted flavors of caramel popcorn
  • And so much more.

In conclusion, providing live music at a venue that may not normally have it offers the fundraisers and local businesses mutual benefit.  Finally, make sure your school and community can see the benefits of keeping music programs alive and thriving for students. This is because everyone deserves the opportunities that music education has to offer. Looking for high school marching band fundraising ideas? We can help.