High School Orchestra Fundraising


A Night at the Symphony to Raise Money

Performed by Your High School Orchestra

“…Music Makes Us Human” is a popular quote by Brian Greene. Schools continue the hit with cuts in the arts and now it is more important than ever to find a way to keep them alive and let kids learn to play and appreciate music. However, like everything else, it takes funding! The kids in the high school orchestra and their director have come up with the idea of A Night at the Symphony!

The ever-rising costs of music, lessons, instructors, instruments, and instrument repair, musical stands, and travel to and from concerts, etc., adds up and your students look forward to showcase their musical talent and raise money for the orchestra during this event!

Where to Have the Fundraiser and What Else do you Need

The school auditorium is the location for the musical part of the evening. The featured music is a bit of classical and classical pop, i.e., Stars and Stripes Forever! Our director is excited to show the parents, the faculty, the public, and other students the talent of the school symphony orchestra. Keep the event length around 60 minutes; this way people stay engaged and younger children are less apt to be antsy.

Have a reception follow directly after in the cafeteria – decorated to the theme of the evening – music. For the after-reception, serve baked cookies, popcorn, and Smart Healthy Snacks – all purchased from http://www.fundraisingzone.com before the event. This way eventgoers can taste the yummy treats and then they will ask where to go to place an order for their products. This is a great way for the orchestra to have their cake and eat it too – meaning the orchestra benefits from the product purchased beforehand and product sold during and after A Night at the Symphony.

You do not want to miss those patrons who cannot stay for the reception so put a table or two of the refreshments by the exit doors along with order forms!

Additional Information About your School Orchestra Fundraiser

It is important to spread the word about your event ahead of time. It is great to have community involvement; let them know how great your school orchestra program is and what they are up to these days. Put announcements in your local neighborhood paper, on the library bulletin boards, on social media, and maybe even do a press release. You want as many people there as possible, and if space is an issue, sell tickets beforehand – this ensures you have enough room and you will make some extra cash too. Consider keeping the ticket cost around $5 and you might consider a lower price for children. The point is to have as many people there as possible and make money too!

You can have a contest with each student; whoever sells the most wins a gift card or a casual clothes day at school.

You also want to consider the time of the event; a weekend evening or a Sunday afternoon probably works best because of weekday homework and other events taking place.

The goal of your event is to raise money and have fun doing it. With http://www.fundraisingzone.com, you are sure to have a successful event and fundraiser that makes money for your orchestra.