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FCCLA Fundraising Information and Ideas

The (FCCLA) is the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and was formerly known as the Future Homemakers of America. The FCCLA is a nonprofit organization for students through grade 12 who are in family and consumer science education programs in public and private schools in the United States. FCCLA members are usually tasked with running a fundraiser for their local chapter, which is why we have come up with some of the best FCCLA fundraising ideas in this post.

No Upfront Costs to run a Brochure Fundraiser

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Easy FCCLA Fundraising Ideas

Prom Dress Sale

Have you ever wondered what people do with their old prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses? Well, if you know people who need to get rid of them, hold a prom dress sale. Make sure the participants bring dresses that have been dry cleaned, in a dry cleaner bag and on a hanger. The dresses should also be gently worn. You should not accept any dresses with tears, rips, or stains. You will likely receive multiple dresses from a large portion of people participating in the sale, especially those who are seniors and have been to plenty of dances in prior years.

Battle of the Bands

A great fundraiser for your FCCLA chapter is a battle of the bands. These have always been popular, but not really used for fundraising efforts. If you plan to hold one at your school, consider doing so as the FCCLA fundraiser. Sell tickets to the event, have t-shirts made up to sell to attendees and have food and drink available during the night.

Candy Sales

As always, a candy brochure for your fundraiser is a great option. Candy is popular among teens, and let’s face it, adults too. Determine which candy items you want to sell, which ones you think will sell the most, and create your brochure. The brochure can be distributed throughout school for sales, sent home with students to sell outside of school and emailed to family and friends.

Valentine’s Day Candy Gram Sales

If your FCCLA chapter is going to conduct a fundraiser close to Valentine’s Day, consider selling candy grams. A candy gram can be a heart cut from construction paper with a piece of candy attached to it. You would sell these during school lunches to anyone who wants to purchase them. The purchaser would write the name of the recipient on it and either write their name as the sender or leave it anonymous. Not only is this a great fundraiser, but it also helps to build the spirit of the school.

Poinsettia Sales During the Holidays

Many people like to decorate their homes during the holidays with poinsettias. They are some of the most beautiful plants out there. The next time your FCCLA chapter needs to hold a fundraiser consider selling poinsettias. They can be sold during school hours, at games, at weekend events, in front of retail stores and by going door to door.

The FCCLA is a nationwide organization that helps students through grade 12 prepare for their future. If your chapter is in need of fundraising ideas, be sure to utilize any in this post, but take a long look at brochure fundraising. It will give you the best return on investment. Contact Tracy Hamilton today to begin your fundraising venture at 1-800-645-6550.