Easy High School Junior Class Fundraising Ideas

junior class fundraising ideas

Ready to try some fun junior class fundraising ideas?

The clock is ticking and it will be spring before you know it. So, what are saving for? Why are you searching for junior class fundraising ideas?

  • Are you trying to get a head start on saving for your senior year?
  • Or perhaps a fundraiser to help a local charity?
  • Or maybe you are raising money with a junior class trip fundraiser?

So, what junior class fundraisers have you tried already?

Some students have had success with easy high school fundraiser ideas like:

  • Bake sales.
  • Car washes.
  • Garage sales.

Others have had success selling tee shirts with the year of their graduation date.

Additional easy Jr. class fundraisers to try.

Other juniors have had success with selling cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, coffee and snacks. In fact, they do this school fundraiser year after year because it works so well.

I mean really, why would you not try a free fundraising idea that brings in thousands of dollars every year for your school?

Are you a little curious about how this fundraising program works?

A FREE Junior Class Fund Raising Idea That Works

Before you start raising money for your junior class take the time to answer these questions.

Is it free?

Are you open to a suggestion?

In our humble opinion, FREE is the only way to go. Don’t you agree?

Junior high school students & high school juniors alike, have told us they don’t want to spend money upfront for a good fundraiser. So you can see why our risk-free fundraising programs appeal to parents and teachers. School fundraisers with NO upfront cost just make sense, don’t they?

How does it work?

We give you free brochures, free training and offer free shipping too when you meet the minimum order. Your customers pay you for the products they like. You simply pay us from the money you collect up front and get to keep the difference.

Is it profitable?

In addition, you want school fundraising ideas that make the most money, don’t you?

Our catalogs and brochures earn schools up to 52% on each sale. That is a lot of money, isn’t it? Because of that, many schools hold a spring and a winter fundraiser to make the most money possible each year.

Is it easy?

You can’t find an easier fundraiser than this because we give you everything you need to succeed.

Just follow this simple 5 step process and your fund raiser will be a success. Furthermore, its easy to sell things that people like to eat and drink!

Why complicate things unnecessarily when you can use a simple method with a 50 year proven track record?

Just announce your fundraising event on line using social media, Facebook, email and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Ready to have the best high school junior fundraiser ever?

We want to help you make the most money possible. In fact, we are committed to making your school event a success. Our mission is to help your junior class reach it’s financial goals.

How do you get started?

All it takes is a phone call to say hello. We promise to listen carefully and try to answer all of your questions. Together, we will help you pick out the perfect school fundraiser brochure and then share some of our best junior class fundraising ideas with you.

We look forward to our chat!