Color Guard Fundraisers

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Fundraising Ideas For Color Guard and Winter Guard

Color Guard is not legally recognized as a sport, although it matches the definition of a sport because to its intense physical demands and competitive character. However, just ask any Color Guard member—This is a team sport that requires both talent and physical endurance and is practiced against other teams for entertainment.


Sounds like a sport to us!


Color guards, also known as flag corps, are groups of performers who perform scripted dances and routines with a variety of equipment to complement and interpret the music of a marching band performance. Colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, and independent drum corps all have color guard teams.


On the other hand, a winter guard is identical to outdoor color guard with the exception that the performances are held indoors on gymnasium floors during the winter time.

Football, marching band and Color Guards go hand in hand

At halftime of football games, color guards perform with marching bands. The guard contributes to the band’s overall score during competitions and can be scored in a variety of areas, including but not limited to visual effects, general effect, auxiliary, and color guard.


They use a variety of props, including as flags, swing flags, tapered flags, non-functioning weapons, and sabres, among other things.


It takes money to pay for these props, costumes, competition fees and transportation costs to compete in the Winter Guard International / WGI Championships.


Where will that money come from? School marching bands look for band fundraising ideas. And so your high school color guard will need to do the same. Here are some tips, ideas and suggestions to try.


Flag Corps, Flag spinning and Colorguard fundraisers

Popcorn sale

Your colorguard booster club can get everything they need to have a successful popcorn sale to raise the funds they need.

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  • Earn up to 50% profit selling Poppin Popcorn.

Cookie dough sale

You don’t have to be a flag spinner to love cookie dough. This gourmet product is a great way to make home made cookies while supporting your color guard members.

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  • Amazing cookie flavors to choose from.
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Candle sale

The Heritage Candles program offers a spring and an autumn fundraiser with amazing natural scents. Candle lovers will be glad to support you year after year because they enjoy the aroma. Your booster club earns 40% profit across the board.

Gift wrap sale

Do you know people that give presents to others during the holiday season? Well this brochure helps them get all the bows, ribbons and wrapping paper they will need. Your team earns up to 50% profit on every sale,

All Guard Summer Camp

Think about all of the younger brothers and sisters of your color guard. They look up to their older siblings and they too want to be a flag spinner one day! Hold a one day clinic or camp. You can teach the kids how to spin and twirl flags and some simple routines. Include a brown bag lunch and refreshments for the tuition fee.

Have a garage sale.

A garage sale is a terrific way to clear up the clutter in your home while also earning some additional cash.


Change jar also known as a penny jar or penny war.


Instead of throwing out those pennies toss them in the jar. Then ask everyone you know if they havce any spare change to help you get to Dayton Ohio for the WGI Championships.

Hold a sports tournament event.

Since football and colorguard go hand in hand why not have a flag football tournament? Flag football is a fun way to raise money for your flag spinners! Charge an entry fee for each team. Sell snacks from the concession stands.

Have a car wash.

In almost every neighborhood, a car wash fundraiser has proven to be a cash cow. What you need are willing helpers, a well-visible site with drive by traffic, and some eye-catching signage.

Spread the word

Now it’s time to get the word out about your fundraising event. Use social media, texting, email and phone calls to tell your friends and family about your campaign.


Want some free help? Contact a fundraising expert and learn how our free brochure program can help your colorguard with their next fundraiser.