Band Fundraising For Middle School


Middle School Band Fundraising Ideas

Looking for school band fundraiser ideas? Being a part of the school band is an enriching part of a child’s education and life. A child learns not just how to read music and play an instrument but also how to work together as a team, how to listen to instructions, and how to be creative. A child in band has the opportunity to discover and play many different styles of music, including wind band, jazz band, chamber music, and others. In addition to the technical growth band allows there are also social advantages to being a member of the band. The relationships a child builds while in the band last for years after high school.

However, there are many costs that come up for a band throughout the year. Some of the many costs include instrument repair, instrument replacement, buying new pieces of music, instructor fees, travel costs, and more. A great way to raise funds for a for a marching band or school band would be to host a dinner fundraiser.

Learn about raising money for your school band fundraiser

How do you go about putting a dinner fundraiser together? First off you need to secure a place to serve dinner for your guests. The school cafeteria is the ideal place for this as it is already equipped with the appropriate tools and appliances to cook and serve a meal as well as tables and chairs for your guests to eat their meal. The next step is to agree upon a meal to be served. This should be easy to make and serve yet also worth your guest’s money. A good idea would be a spaghetti and meatball dinner. The meal should be prepared by adults but the band members should serve as the wait staff. This includes seating guests, serving dinner, drinks, and deserts, and bussing the tables.

What makes this dinner special is that the children will be performing in small chamber ensembles and solo performances providing the entertainment throughout the evening. The band can perform different sets that include classical music, jazz music, or traditional music such as folk. This is just one of the many marching band fundraiser ideas we have for you to try.

How to Manage a School Band Fundraiser

Tickets for the event should be pre-sold to make sure that there is enough food for each guest. A good price would be $15/person for the meal. At the dinner there should be a host table near the front where you take tickets. Also, near the front of the room should be a table where you can place brochures for your chosen fundraiser. You can select from these fundraising options from An event like this would be a great place for you to kick off your brochure fundraising campaign. Here you can place the brochures but also have a fundraising chairperson to answer any questions about how the process works.

A suggested option would be the gourmet coffee fundraiser flyer so that band members, family and friends, and staff have one place to order their coffee. If coffee is not for your organizations cup of tea, there are other fundraising options.

In addition to the brochure campaign

Pro Tip: It is a good idea to have the dinner on the same date as a scheduled concert. This way family and friends who would normally go to the concert will not have to come out and support the band on multiple days. This is also good for the musicians as they too will have less conflicts with school and work. Are you ready for some help? Contact us fro a free coaching call or your free checklist. You will enjoy learning more about our school band fundraisers.