5 Air Force Booster Club Fundraising Ideas For Any Squadron

air force booster club fundraising ideas

Try these tips to raise money for your high school air force booster club

Are you looking for some easy fundraiser ideas for your unit’s booster club? Welcome to Fundraisingzone.com! We have some great tips and suggestions to help your school club raise money. We hope you enjoy our air force booster club fundraising ideas.

Here are some of the top air force club fundraiser ideas for your squadron unit to try

You will enjoy these easy high school fundraisers.

Hold a BBQ cookout fundraiser.

People love to eat hot dogs and hamburgers, don’t they? So, you might as well hold a barbecue and post your donation list for the food and drinks you sell. If you can tie this in to a patriotic holiday, even better. Think about having a fourth of July cookout or Memorial day or Veterans Day feast.

Sell Air force T-shirts and Patches.

You can design these patriotic shirts and patches online or make a deal with a local vendor. Furthermore, you can either buy them in bulk or take preorders and pay for the product with the money you collect upfront.

Push up or sit up competition.

So, think about a traditional walk-a-thon, but do it with push-ups and sit-ups instead. Ask friends and family to sponsor you by the push-up. What if you got people to sponsor you for 10 cents a sit-up? You can raise a lot of money for your squad this way. You can also try this with a 5k marathon race.

Pie in the face contest.

Just suppose it only cost 25 cents to register a vote and whichever teacher got the most votes, got a pie in the face?

You can see how this could become very popular because it is affordable. The number 1, 2 and 3 top fundraisers would get a chance to throw the pie. You could also videotape the results and show them on social media sharing sites like Instagram and Facebook. This will also build enthusiasm for next year’s event.

Free AFI Booster Club Fundraising Ideas Using Catalogs.

How easy would it be to show people a catalog with pictures of treats that they love to buy and eat?

Then all you have to do is explain that when they buy from you, it benefits your school booster club. In addition, you can tell them how your air force school club is training you to be a productive, contributing member of society.

Furthermore, all they have to do is pay you for the fundraising products and then you can call in your order.

Your friends and family will be glad to support you because our delicious fundraising items start at only $7.00 which is pretty much affordable to all.

What kind of free catalogs and brochures do we give away every day?

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We also have a winter fundraiser catalog that is perfect for the holiday season.

In conclusion, we hope you found these fundraising ideas for school groups helpful. Now, which is the best fundraiser brochure for your Air force unit? So, how about we find out together?

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