great booster club fundraising ideas in the news

Great Booster Club Fundraising Ideas & Examples

Here are some great examples of booster club fundraising ideas in the news. We will share what was done and then any valuable lessons you can apply for your schools booster club to try.

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Live Drama Club Movie Fundraiser On Zoom

GREENSBORO, NC- The Drama Booster Club’s Teen Boosters are proud to present their first film, Heart of the Woods.

This interactive spooky cinematic experience allows viewers to make decisions during the film, customizing the tale for each individual.

This film was totally written and produced by Triad teenagers. The Teen Boosters strive to provide unique performing arts experiences for area teens with the help of The Drama Booster Club. — Source

You can donate to watch it your self here on youtube,,,

Lessons for your drama club.

  • Imagine making your own you tube movie! What a great way to do what you love while raising funds at the same time.
  • The movie was done via zoom using the gallery view for all the actors in the scene.
  • Can this be done during a pandemic? Yes indeed.
  • Furthermore, think of how simple this is because no money had to spent on fancy costumes or sets or special effects.
  • Additional lessons include they set up an instagram page as well as facebook page for their Drama Booster Club.

Booster Club Marching Band Uniforms Fundraiser

The Callaway High Cavaliers marching band has been working tirelessly to raise funds to purchase new uniforms. This is because the uniforms are more over two decades old — and they looked it!  Because it was clear that the old uniforms needed to be replaced, the Callaway High Band Boosters was created. Furthermore, there have been wardrobe malfunctions during games because they have been sewn in and re-stitched so many times. — Source

So, how has the booster club raised funds? First, they hosted a yard sale for a contribution at the gym’s car wash which brought in $1500. Support for the band has so far raised roughly $11,000 out of a total goal of $34,000. The good news is that if they achieve $17,000, they may be eligible for a Callaway Foundation matching award. This gives them a target for all  50 people in the band to work toward.

What’s next in terms of raising funds? For the holidays, they will be selling smoked turkeys. They also have a unified Venmo and cash app fundraiser account where individuals may donate directly.

Lessons for your band booster include:

  • Having a clearly defined fundraising goal amount to reach for.
  • Finding someone who was willing to match them for every dollar made once they hit the 50% mark.
  • Finally, they did not putting all their eggs in one basket. They did a garage sale, car wash and will be selling turkeys for the holiday season.
Waterville Booster Club plans 2021 Gala and grant schedule

The Waterville Booster Club met to discuss fundraising and set a timetable for the current school year’s grant application process. — Source

On Nov. 20, the association will have its 2021 Gala at the NCW Fairgrounds. A dinner will be served, as well as a silent and live auction. Catering and bar services have been organized by the Booster Club. The organization will spend the next month gathering money for the auction.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this popular local event was not able to happen e in 2020. The club is aiming to disseminate information about the Gala and sports sponsorship through a letter and its soon-to-be-released new website.

The group also considered various fund-raising strategies targeted at improving the Waterville students’ and student-athletes’ experiences. A golf competition, a cornhole tournament, Bingo, and a side-by-side poker run are among the ideas suggested.

Lessons for your booster club:

  • Don’t dump your money makers. Some boosters get bored with the fundraisers they have done in the past and are always looking for something new. This is called “shiny object” syndrome. The fact is that if it is a proven money maker and it is well sup[ported…. Don’t fix what is not broken!
  • They also have plans to mix and match events during the year like a golf tournament, cornhole and bingo too. Any of our brochure fundraisers like the “Popcorn Pleasures” catalog for instance would also work well.

“Rollin’ With The Saints Ride” Event

ODENVILLE – The newly founded Saint Clair County Athletic Booster Club is kicking off its inaugural “Rollin’ With The Saints Ride” on Saturday, Oct. 16. Motorcycles, Jeeps, and a variety of show cars will be on display at the event. – Source

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. at Saint Clair County High School, with rollout beginning at 11 a.m. There will be food trucks on site, as well as a raffle with Coach purses, oil changes, helmets, salon gift baskets, restaurant gift cards, and other prizes.

The entry fee is $30 per vehicle/bike, with all proceeds benefiting the Saints booster group, which helps fund equipment for several sports at Saint Clair County High School and Odenville Middle School.

A new net system for the volleyball team, new wrestling mats, and a finish line arch are among the school’s needs.

Lessons learned?

  • Team up with any group of enthusiastic hobbiests in your area. For instance there are people that take such pride in their restored car. The idea of them showing it off, being admired and possibly winning a prize is too much for them to resist. many will gladly pay an entry fee donation to show off their “baby”!
  • Search for local meet up groups on meetup. facebook etc. You can find plenty of groups to choose from.
  • Did you notice the idea of teaming up with a food truck for your next event? Your booster club gets a percentage of sales without the booster moms having to cook!

Beware of Booster Club Fund Raising Scams

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y.  — The Shenendehowa Central School District has issued a warning to local businesses about a phone scam requesting funds for its cheerleading squad. Elite Sports Promo, according to the district, is the source of the phony phone calls.

Coaches or officers in Booster Clubs are in charge of all formal fundraising operations for Shenendehowa Athletics. Businesses should analyze all prospective donations to a Booster Club, according to the district. Shenendehowa Central School District will never use a robocall to solicit money. — Source

Lessons for your booster club include:

  • Communicate clearly with your supporters and community about what the only approved channel for raising funds for your club is. Perhaps it is your facebook page or a letter you send home to the parents. Make it clear that you too will never use robocalls to solicit funds.
  • Furthermore, your booster works hard in the community. How terrible it would be for this to happen in your district. So we don’t want scams like this to sour people towards donating to school clubs like yours.

In conclusion, there are many ways to raise money for boosters today. We shared just a few today. Each of these can work for all kinds of boosters including cheer, gymnastics, military, athletics, teams etc. Finally, go here to learn more about our other great fundraising ideas for booster clubs.