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Girls School Volleyball Fundraising Ideas From WV

Try these girls school volleyball fundraiser ideas out today.

Do you have a school volleyball team that is looking for ways to raise money?

You can probably relate to what the Lewis County school girls volleyball team was facing. They needed to raise money for volleyball equipment. Perhaps you need money for new volleyballs, uniforms, nets, and tournament fees too.

So, what can you learn from what these 21 volleyball players did? We hope you enjoy these girls high school volleyball fundraising ideas from WV.

Breakfast with the Princesses/Superhero – An easy volleyball fundraising idea

For the last three years, this girl’s volleyball team has held a breakfast fundraiser at a local church hall. The young women are dressed as Superheroes and Disney princesses like wonderwoman, tinkerbell and Ariel. The cost is only five dollars per person.

What will the money that is raised be used for?

The fundraiser will pay for the volleyball boosters to feed the athletes while away at matches. Furthermore, it will pay for the end of the season awards banquet, as well as help pay for senior gifts.

Was it a profitable fundraiser for the girls volleyball team?

After expenses, they raised $800 last year serving pancakes, sausage, fruit and chocolate milk. Not bad for eating breakfast with your friends!

Can you use these girls school volleyball fundraising ideas from West Virginia?

Can you find a local restaurant to do a breakfast fundraiser?

You can easily earn a 20% profit on a breakfast fundraiser like this. If you want to earn even more, then reach out to a church like these young girls did. Ask your volleyball booster club moms to prepare the breakfast. Yes, it is more work… however you will earn more money.

Would you like more school volleyball fundraising ideas?

How can you raise even more money with your volleyball booster club fundraiser?

If “breakfast with the princesses” isn’t your cup of tea, then try these proven volleyball fundraising ideas.

  1. Ask local businesses to donate services and products that you can auction off.
  2. Ask the booster moms to help with a bake sale.
  3. Have the volleyball team schedule car washes.
  4. Hold a cookie dough fundraiser, gift wrapping paper or a popcorn fundraiser event. Your volleyball team can earn up to 52% profit on every sale. This can be done anytime throughout the year.

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