Georgia Preschool Fundraising Ideas – Lagrange Talent Show

What Lessons Can You Learn From These Georgia Preschool Fundraising ideas?

The Lagrange Daily News reports that the Magnolia Society United Way Women’s Leadership Council wants to give every child in Troupe County the opportunity to be ready for kindergarten.

Their Georgia preschool fundraising ideas include a talent show called “LaGrange Has Talent.” Now the helpful people in the community can show off their talent while helping a good cause.

What is the goal of these Georgia preschool fundraising ideas?

The money raised from this event and will benefit BLOCKS, or Babies Learning On Course for Kindergarten Success. This program is designed to help teach young mothers about the importance of reading to their babies. In fact, donations will also go to providing volunteers to read stories to preschool children in daycare centers. If you are looking for more daycare fundraising ideas, then you may enjoy reading the many articles on

Who can participate?

If you are a permanent or temporary residence in Troup County and you have some family friendly talent, you are welcome to join.

Acts will include singing, acting, dancing, comedy, musical acts, gymnastics and magic. You can perform alone or with a group. The winner gets $2,000.

How will funds be raised?

Here are a few ways they will raise money for this cause.

Think of how you might be able to use them locally in your community.

  1. There is a $50 application fee for every act. Each act submits a video for people to watch. With a grand prize of $2,000, many people will sign up for this.
  2. Viewers can cast their votes with cash payments. $1 equals 1 vote which goes towards BLOCKS. There is no limit on the number of votes that a person can cast.
  3. The top 10 acts will perform at a final event at the top Troup High School’s Performing Arts Center on Nov. 16. Tickets will be sold for this event. The overall winner of the event will get $2,000.
  4. They got sponsors which they post on their website.

How are they spreading the word about their preschool fundraiser?

Here are a few things that you might want to try.

  • First, they built their own website- “Lagrange has talent”.
  • Second, they built a facebook page.
  • Third, they are getting their sponsors & friends to talk about the contest. Organizer Stephanie Preston said, “We are real excited about it. People have already been tagging our friends in our post”.

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