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Florida High School Shooting Donation Fundraising Ideas

Donations for Stoneman Douglas High School

Perhaps you have been touched by the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and want to help those who want to help the victims and their families.

But what if you don’t live in Florida?  How can you help? This article shares some of the many fundraising efforts to help these students and their families.

First of all, the Attorney General of Florida has declared WAR on anyone that even dares to start a fundraising scam to prey on the willingness to help these poor souls.


  • GoFundMe is monitoring all campaigns to prevent scams. In fact, it is removing all fundraisers that are started by people with no personal, direct connection to the victims or their families.
  • The state of Florida will pay for funerals for all of the Parkland school shooting victims.
  • They will also pay for counseling for surviving victims, as well as any students that need it.


The following tips were given before donating money:

  • Give only to campaigns created by people or organizations you know and trust.
  • Report all concerns to the Florida Attorney General’s Office and to GoFundMe.

How to donate to help the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School victims and their families.

The “official” fundraiser started by the Broward Education Foundation can be found here.

As of the writing of this article, 31,000 people have donated over $2,502,390 of  the $3 million dollar goal. All funds will go directly to the victims and their families & anyone else impacted by the shooting or in need of mental health counseling.

Unique ways people are raising money for this cause

It is amazing how people all over the country have been looking for ways to offer assistance. And it is beautiful to see how people can come together to make a difference in a time of need.

Here are a few examples:

A Springfield, Montana restaurant shares profits with Florida school shooting victims

The Texas Roadhouse in Springfield offered to donate 100 percent of the profits, about 10 percent of the day’s sales, to go straight to the Florida school shooting victims. Mr. Williams went to high school in Parkland and played football with the school’s assistant coach, Aaron Feis, that died protecting students from the gunman’s bullets.

Allentown, Pennsylvania High School Students create ‘Parkland for Parkland’ bracelets to raise money for shooting victims’ families


Duff, 17, and his 14-year-old sister Kyleigh, of Parkland High School, decided to sell bracelets to raise money for students at Stoneman Douglas.

  • They bought 1,100 bracelets to sell on Wednesday, and sold most of them by the end of the day.
  • The white bracelets, with red writing, say “Parkland for Parkland”. There are pictures of Pennsylvania and Florida. The bracelet also has the hashtag phrase “#NEVERAGAIN.”
  • They’re asking for a minimum $2 donation per bracelet, & the money will go to the GoFundMe campaign.

Skagway, Alaska folks sell barbecue sandwiches in fundraising effort for Florida shooting victims

Greg Getz and his wife were choked up by the news report of the school shooting. He asked his friends on Facebook if they felt the same way. So he put a message out on the Skagway Swap Facebook page that they were thinking of holding a fundraiser to help the victims and their families. They were going to sell barbecue sandwiches for a $5 donation.

Would you believe more than 100 people responded to the Facebook post? Some people bought 20 sandwiches! So far they have sold 200 sandwiches and collected donations of $1,700 so far.

Students at North Schuylkill Junior Senior High School in Pennsylvania are selling spirit shirts to raise money for the families of the victims

Student Ari Wolfe came up with an idea for a spirit shirt to go along with the school’s district basketball playoff games on Friday.

Three dollars of every shirt sold will be donated to the Florida families. They ordered 1,300 shirts and they sold out so quickly they had to order another 300.

Isn’t it beautiful to see people come together all over the country to make a difference? Fundraising certainly makes a difference!


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