Will you Sabotage Your Non Profit With Online Fundraising?

Will you Sabotage Your Non Profit With Online Fundraising

Will you Sabotage Your Non Profit With Online Fundraising?

This may sound like fighting words at first. After all, there is no doubt of the popularity of online fundraising in this digital age.

Should you try online fundraising for your non-profit organization? There are pros and cons to venturing this internet donation arena. This article will help to give you a balanced approach to raising money online.

The dangers of online fundraising for Non-profits

Recently, we addressed the danger of unintentionally excluding senior citizens from your next fundraiser. (Link)

Yet that is exactly what happens when you hold an online fundraiser. The statistics show that many senior citizens do not own a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means that you could be missing out on many potential donors when you raise all your money online.

However, this is only one of the drawbacks to doing all your fundraising on the internet.

Will you earn LESS on your next fundraiser?

The latest research shows that one out of four dollars donated by individuals is now generated online. In fact, the trend shows that online donations JUMPED from 17% to 24% in the last two years. Two out of five people now PREFER to donate online.

Well, if we were building a case to start raising money using the internet, things are looking pretty good so far. As you will next see however, it is only one side of the picture.

What do the facts of online fundraising show?

It turns out that while people prefer to give online, they are donating about 1/3 of what they normally would give in person. Now, if you are a non-profit trying to raise money for your organization, this should raise an eyebrow,

Even worse, the donations are getting smaller. Notice this quote, “Online donations have shrunk from 48 percent of the overall average gift in 2014 to 32 percent of the overall average gift in 2016. So even though more people give online, their donations are smaller than those given offline.”

Why are online donations smaller?

It seems to come down to not having that personal connection with people. When you connect with your donors in person, it certainly makes a difference as the numbers above clearly show.

What should you do with this information?

If you decide to try online fundraising, then do not make this your only way to raise money. The evidence proves that people respond better when interacting with people and NOT simply a faceless website.

That is what makes our fundraising brochures so successful with schools, churches and small groups.

What is the best way to do online fundraisers?

In conclusion, our clients have enjoyed success by combining our traditional fundraiser catalogs and using online social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus to tell all their friends and family. They post photos and videos about their fundraiser and the products they are selling.

Why does this work so well?

Remember, most people want to help the people they love and like. So develop your fundraiser around communicating with people in person and you too will experience success with your next online fundraiser.

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