School Spirit Fundraising

10 Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

School Spirit Fundraising

Our school spirit fundraising program is a great way to get your community to support your school:

  • Booster clubs
  • Team players
  • High school groups
  • Cheer groups
  • And everyone in the neighborhood!

Our school spirit products get your community excited about your team, group or school.  We also offer hundreds of choices for your kids fundraisers.  So, just tell us what you need and we will get you the best price we can.

Additionally, we carry custom spirit items for schools, booster clubs, basketball teams, gymnastics teams, cheer squads, cub scout groups and dozens of other school groups. These items are great because they help you show your support, appreciation, involvement and dedication to what your school represents. Furthermore, we can source any product your school, booster club or organization might want: including such items as tee shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, zipper sweatshirts, caps, noisemakers, seat cushions, water bottles, blankets and hundreds of other items. So. if you are looking to show your school spirit–please call us…! Finally, we can put together a “Customized School Spirit Brochure” for your school, PTA, sports league group, school booster club, etc. Simply give us a cal at 800.645.6550.

School spirit fundraising
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School Spirit Fund Raising Products

Our program is free to get started and offers high profit margins to raise money for your kids school.

In conclusion, our school spirit items are great for all types of schools, non-profit sponsors, booster clubs, sports league coaches, youth league directors and anyone who is looking to raise money or generate interest in their cause. Please call us at 800.645.6550 and we’ll rush out a free sample for you to review. We can custom design any group of products you like. And you can use the customized order taker form to generate orders.

Finally, please call us now and we promise to share some of our best school spirit fundraising ideas with you.