Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations


Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

Are you searching for non profit fundraising ideas for your organization?

Not for profit fundraisers are important today. This is because many organizations receive funding from highly competitive grants and community contributors. Unfortunately, neither of these options are guaranteed sources of funding. So, that means a well supported fundraiser can really make a difference.

Non-profit fundraisers generate $1.4 billion dollars through fundraising companies annually. The majority of that money has been the result of traditional door to door fundraising.  But technology has proven that the tide is about to turn.  Leaders are looking for more mobile-friendly ways to stay in touch with their favorite fundraising causes.

Today, non-profits generate 33% of their money raised using email. Another 33% is a result of Peer-to-Peer fundraising. Simply put, this means leveraging your network to raise funds for you or on your behalf.

Here is the good news for you… offers non-profits access to our easy to use email and texting app that does exactly that.

Why Do Non-Profit Groups Need Fundraisers?

Non-profits need money for causes, events and initiatives associated with their mission. Raising money can be difficult. And that is why it’s important to remember the 80/20 rule is going to apply the majority of the time.

What is the 80/20 rule?

Simply put, it means that a small number of your loyal sponsors will make the majority of your donations.  Can you see why it’s important to find creative ways to reach out to a larger network? This calls for expanding your physical and digital community.

Easy Fundraisers for Non-Profit Groups

The best fundraisers for non-profit organizations are easy to run and are very profitable. Our brochures pass both of these tests with flying colors.

Snackin’ in the USA

Our top seller is “best of all worlds” option.

  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix. (This includes honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts, raisins, and dried apple pieces.)
  • Butter Toffee Peanuts.
  • Also salsa-flavored trail mix.
  • Tropical fruit trail mix.

Furthermore, there are other delicious snacks that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

This fundraiser’s favorite is the popular Chicago Style Popcorn. It has savory cheese popcorn mixed in with caramel corn. It provides that coveted salty-sweet combination that everyone loves. Other amazing flavors include:

  • Blazin Chicago Style popcorn. (This includes spicy popcorn with cheesy and caramel kernels.)
  • Mowy Wowy with macadamia nuts and real butter.
  • Peanut, Butter, & Jelly.
  • Caramel Apple Corn with real apple bits and cinnamon.

Our gourmet Caramel Popcorn fundraiser offers a total of 10 delicious choices to choose from.

Gourmet Goodness

This fundraiser offers the best of everything…

  • Funnel cake mix.
  • Brownie mix.
  • “Old Bay” seasoned peanuts
  • And so much more to choose from.

Another one of the highlights of this fundraiser is the Hokey Pokey caramel popcorn. This treat flies off the page of your brochure when you choose this fundraiser for your church or youth group.

How can Get You Beyond Your Threshold?

We provide our clients with a level of backing and support that can’t be found with any other fundraising provider. Our clients have received the best in customer service for over half a century.  Furthermore, we give you the information to prepare you for success. Finally, you get the resources to keep your team focused on meeting and exceeding fundraising goals.

Why do our Non-profit Fundraising ideas work?

Each brochure fundraiser offers a simple system for you to make money. The way it works is that you earn a greater percentage of profit the more sales you make.

So, here is an example of this.

The Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser gives you 35% for selling 200-350 bags of popcorn, and 50% for selling over 500. In this instance, you would earn an extra 15% of profit when you hit that 500 bag goal. Does that make sense?

Please note: Your group would have to sell at least 200 bags of popcorn to receive a percentage. This is why it is important to set sales goals for your team.

Furthermore, we deliver orders to your organization ASAP. This way you can distribute these to your customers as soon as the shipments arrive. Our order forms make it simple to do this. It’s because we keep a field open for sponsors to write in their address and contact information.

Additionally, we offer free shipping on our brochures. And you also get free collection envelopes and free order forms too. Furthermore, we’ll even offer free samples of products from the brochure of your choice. Just ask.

Finally, our no-nonsense return policy assures that any items broken, damaged, or missing pieces will be replaced immediately with no questions asked. We only ask that you adhere to our 14-day return policy.

Contact Us for More Information

In conclusion, financial uncertainty can make it tough for many non-profit organizations today. Because of a decrease in funding across the nation, fundraisers are becoming increasingly important. While grants and donations are available for some non-profit companies, nothing comes close to old-fashioned door to door fundraising. However, by combining the traditional with the digital techniques, non-profit fundraisers can reach their fundraising goals. We invite you to ask us how we can help you get there. Give us an opportunity to earn your business. Let us show you how we can help you with our best non profit fundraising ideas. You will enjoy the phone call.