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Easy Non Profit Fundraisers – Learn How to Raise the Most Money For Your Organization

Welcome to the home for the best nonprofit fundraising ideas for small organizations on the internet.

Are you ready for a few fundraising tips to help your small group? Because we are certainly ready to share them with you. First, we tell you about the different types of nonprofits we have worked with. In addition, we will discuss our favorite kind of fundraiser, and finally we will discuss a common mistake many nonprofits make when soliciting funds.

Who are these top nonprofit fundraiser ideas for?

After 50 years in the business, we have worked with all kinds of nonprofits. Our easy nonprofit fundraiser ideas have been helpful for organizations like:

Church fundraisers

We have churches, synagogues & temples of all denominations to raise money for their causes. Whether you are looking to raise money for repairs or want to put on a mission trip fundraiser, these church fundraising ideas can help your congregation.

School fundraisers

Do you represent a school? We have helped all types of schools raise money for their students in the classroom because of our experience. So we are in a unique position to help you.

Youth group fundraisers

You will love these youth group fundraising ideas. Whether you are raising money for the boy scouts or girl scout fundraising, we are ready to help you.

Small group fundraisers

Do you have a humane society or animal shelter you are trying to raise money for?

Our tips have been used to help house, feed and provide medical help for all kinds of dogs, cats and other pets. Because of this we have the experience to help your animal protection program.

Youth sports team fundraisers

Hey sports fans! You will enjoy these easy fundraising ideas for sports teams.

As you can see from just this small sample of non-profits, we are qualified to help your organization too

Let’s get down to brass tacks now. What do we suggest as the best fundraisers for nonprofits?

Our Favorite Easy Fundraising Event Ideas

If we could only choose one kind of fundraiser, what would it be? Hands down it would be, catalog fundraisers.

Why catalog fundraisers?

Our non profit clients love the idea that this is a “no brainer” for them because of the simplicity of this program. They simply select the fundraiser brochure they like and we ship them as many free brochures as they need.

For example, let’s say you want to have a gourmet cookie dough fundraiser. First, we will send you as many cookie dough fundraiser catalogs as you will need. In addition, we will teach you how easy it is to take your cookie brochures and show them to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and supporters.

You then can collect the money and use it to pay for your cookie dough. We will ship it ASAP, so you can deliver it to your customers accordingly. Finally, your nonprofit gets to keep up to 52% of the profit on each sale.

Why Some Fundraisers Succeed And Others Fail

Some people love the idea of using donation websites, facebook or Instagram for their non profit fundraising. This is all well and good. However, don’t make this typical online fundraiser mistake that many non profits will make. Some small groups embrace online fundraising and then ignore the good old fashioned traditional fundraising technique of talking to people face to face.

The lesson for your small group? Don’t think of it as either using online fundraising OR face to face selling. Instead, our catalog fundraisers allow you to combine traditional fundraising with more modern web-based fundraising techniques.

In conclusion, it comes down to this one thing. You will either try this alone or get some free help.

So then, who is ready for a free phone consultation? We can address all of your questions and concerns. Afterwards, we can share a few of our easy non profit fundraising ideas to help your next fundraiser event be a huge success.

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