Humane Society Fundraising – Help Homeless & Injured Animals


Humane Society Fundraising – Help Homeless & Injured Animals

How does a non-profit animal shelter afford to take care of the scores of abandoned animals that they feed, home and provide vet care for?

If you think they can simply rely on government grants to help these homeless pets, think again. The answer is they need to rely on Humane Society Fundraising.

We understand that you work hard in behalf of these abandoned and injured dogs and cats. Many of you spend countless hours as volunteers to help defenseless animals. We know how much you love them, so we would like to offer some practical suggestions.

Here are a few Humane Society Fundraising Ideas for your shelter:

Help Homeless Pets: Hold a Fundraiser

Perhaps you have heard people say, “What can one person do to help the millions of animals that are put to sleep each year because there is no one to love them?”

The answer is, that while we may not be able to help millions, we certainly can make a difference in the lives of abandoned pets that live right in our neighborhood. Your fundraising efforts will certainly make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Host your own Humane Society fundraiser or event

If everyone waits for everybody else to do it, then no one will end up doing it. That is the sad reality of life. And that is why your animal shelter fundraiser is important.

Whether you have a doggy car wash or hold a Sally Foster gift wrap fundraiser, the  direct success of your animal fundraiser is dependent on the amount of effort that goes into preparing for it. As the old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Here are a few Humane Society Fundraising ideas to help

  1. What kind of animal shelter fundraiser will you have? Assign a team member to research ideas for your event. In fact, here are a few animal shelter fundraising ideas to get you started. Reach out to other Humane Societies on facebook or social media to find out worked for them. Set a meeting time & share these ideas. Then hold a brainstorming session afterwards to generate additional ideas you could never have come up with on your own.
  2. Assign task ownership & responsibility. Assign someone to be a note-taker for your planning session. Do your best to get everyone involved. Make sure that everyone has a say & feels they are heard. This way people feel ownership for the fundraiser plan. Finally, assign roles and tasks to each team member.
  3. Call 1-800-645-6550. One of our animal shelter fundraising experts will answer all of your questions about fundraising. See for yourself how simple it can be when you follow these 5 easy steps when working with
  4. Develop a marketing plan. How do you plan on getting the word out so people can help support the animals in your shelter? Use social media, register on the local events websites in your neighborhood & don’t forget about fliers, posters and good old fashioned “word of mouth”.
  5. Create a fundraising schedule. We all recognize that one bake sale or even the best popcorn fundraiser in the world isn’t going to feed these animals forever. That is why it is imperative to stack & schedule your pet shelter fundraisers throughout the year. We suggest that you pick an animal theme for each one and do this the last quarter of every year. Plan your events for the new year starting in January.
  6. Build an email list. Think back to all of the warm-hearted donors you have had over the years. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of local people in your community have voluntarily donated money, time, food and supplies. What if you could get a hold of all of them in a few moments with an email or text? How awesome would that be? Sadly, many animal rescue shelters fail to get the contact information of every donor. The lesson? Start building that data base of contact names right now!
  7. Find partners to help. Reach out to the business owners in your community. How many of them are pet friendly and would welcome the opportunity to generate some goodwill and good press? You never know until you try. In fact, a great place to start would be the people in your data base. Why not start asking them if they own a business? Here is a great example of an animal rescue shelter teaming up with a craft beer house. They called it “Pints For Pups.” You will enjoy this example of a California animal shelter fundraiser idea. (link to Pints for Pups blog post)
  8. Hold your fundraiser and then learn from your mistakes. Japanese animal shelters use a principal called “Kaizen”. It simply describes a methodology of constant and continuous improvement. What if you did this after every fundraiser you had? All you have to do is have a post fundraising meeting and ask where the hiccups were and what you could do differently next time. This way, you would fine tune your efforts so that everything you do would create the best ROI.

Everyone wants a Humane Society Fundraiser that Works!

Here at we have been helping pet shelters raise money to help fight animal cruelty for over 50 years.

We have an assortment of fundraising catalogs & companies to appeal to every kind of animal shelter. We also offer free fundraising help.

Why not call 1-800-645-6550 now so we can help you with your Humane Society.  fundraising.

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