Gift Wrapping Fundraiser Tips

Gift Wrapping Fundraiser Tips

Who’s looking for some easy gift wrapping fundraiser tips?

Selling gift wrap is a great way to raise money for your school, youth group or sports team. So, here are a few gift wrapping fundraiser tips for kids to make your event more fun and profitable.

1- Make it a contest.

There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to make your next wrapping paper fundraiser fun.

You can make it:

  • The girls against the boys.
  • Class against class.
  • Finally, you can make it “everyone for themselves.”

Anyone of these can be a fun and easy kids fundraisers. You can also offer a prize or a pizza party to the group that wins. Be sure to update and post the contest results daily to keep everyone motivated to sell just one more roll of gift wrap to beat the other team!

2- Offer a gift wrap service.

This is a great value added service to offer your customers. It requires no tools except a pair of scissors and a roll of scotch tape. Finally, all it takes is a little initiative to ask your customers if they want help wrapping their presents. Here are some tips on gift wrap pricing.

3- Ask for referrals.

After people pick out their gift wrap, you can ask them for referrals.

Here is a simple question to ask. “Who do you know that needs gift wrap for the holidays and wants to help a bunch of nice kids like us at the same time?” The next part will be hard for some people. Just be quiet and wait for them to answer you. Remember, silence is the key to getting your referrals.

Finally, be sure to follow up with good customer service and deliver their product ASAP to them.

4- Take photos.

Ask your customers to text you pictures of their gifts after they are wrapped. You can post these on Facebook and Instagram and refer to these next year when you run your holiday gift wrap fundraiser again.

5- Keep a list of your customers for next year.

If they love your wrapping paper this year, they will love it again next year. So, remember to keep a good list of names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers. This allows you to say thank you for their support and alert them about future events.

It is also a good idea to invite your customers to “like” your school or sports teams Facebook page. This way they will hear about next year’s gift wrap fundraiser.

In conclusion, we hope you found these gift wrap fundraising tips helpful. The key to having the most fundraising event is to combine and use these gift wrapping fundraiser tips at the same time.

If you find something that works well, then please share it with the rest of your students. Finally, keep a journal that will help you to remember these ideas, tips and best practices for next year!