Fundraising ideas for nonprofit animal rescue


Nonprofit animal rescue fundraising ideas

Will you try these 5 Fundraising ideas for nonprofit animal rescue?

If you are running a pet rescue shelter and need ways to raise money to help keep the doors open, then listen closely.

Here are some of our favorite fundraising ideas for nonprofit animal rescue. We encourage you to mix and match these and see how many additional ideas you can generate.

You can also use some of the suggestions we have shared for Humane Society fundraising (link to new Humane Society fundraising page) as well as our animal shelter fundraising ideas.

1) Hold A Pet Art Exhibit For Your Non Profit Animal Rescue.

Every community has its own group of starving artists. Why not reach out to them to see how you might be able to assist each other? Invite them to produce and contribute a piece of art that is animal or pet themed. Set up an art show with all of the entries. You can charge a nominal fee of $1.00 or let people in for free. Sell food and drinks at concession stands to raise money for the show.

How can we monetize this? We can do several things.

2) Sell Pet Artwork

First, we could put price tags on all of the artwork. The animal rescue would get a percentage of all paintings sold.

3) Offer Pet Portraits

You can have caricatures artists, painters and photographers on hand to do portraits of people with their pets. The artist and the animal shelter can split all money earned.

4) Pet Art Raffle Or Silent Auction

Pick one piece of artwork and hold a raffle. A percentage of the proceeds would go to the animal rescue. If you hold a silent auction, set a minimum bid so that the artist is comfortable with this.

5) Collect names, email addresses and phone numbers from the pet art lovers

Build your database of contact names for future animal shelter fundraisers. Then set up joint ventures with local pet related services including pet photographers, invisible fencing, custom dog houses, pet friendly lawn maintenance providers, etc. You can send out offers for special discounts to your database of donors. Your animal shelter would then get a percentage of all sales.

6) Pennies For Pups

Go to all of the stores in your neighborhood. Ask if you could place a bowl with a picture of a sad dog at the cash register for people to toss their loose change into. Train the cashiers to invite people to donate and feel good about saving an animal’s life.

7) Funny Pet Photo Contest

Hire an aspiring photographer. Invite people to bring their pets in dressed up as famous celebrities. Take pictures and sell them on a donation basis. The photographer benefits as he now has a list of animal lovers that may want more pet photographs. They can offer them an Animal Shelter Photo Sitting “Special” where they buy a package now, and get 10% off the package. Ten percent of the sale is donated to the pet rescue facility.

8) Hold A Pet Dinner

Humans get dressed up fancy and pets come as they are. You can cater this from a local restaurant and keep a portion of the proceeds. This is a nice opportunity to get to know your pet loving neighbors. Your local restaurant benefits by getting future business from these donors.

9) Bake Doggy Treats

You can get a nice recipe on google & test it on your pets. Take a video of your dog enjoying it and post this on facebook. Ask your animal shelter facebook fans to help it go viral.

Use healthy, natural & organic ingredients as this will help you sell this to the health conscious pet owners.

Come up with a fun name for your doggy dessert and start taking orders.

If these are a hit with the dogs, then you can bake these monthly and have a steady stream of income to help your non profit animal rescue.

One fundraiser isn’t going to help feed, care and shelter your animals all year long. That is why we suggest combining these with one of our best fundraiser catalogs like our cookie dough fundraiser.


Did you know we offer free fundraising advice to non profit animal rescue shelters?

Call 1-800-645-6550 to talk to an expert. They would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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