What’s So Great About A Fundraising Company? How https://fundraisingzone.com Can Take You Beyond Your Limits


Finding Fundraising Companies

Think about all the technological revolutions that have taken place over the past 50 years or so. They have made life markedly easier for human beings, haven’t they? Here are just a few: dishwashers, automatic transmission, the standing electric mixer, and of course, Fundraisingzone.com. Like all of those inventions, fundraising companies like Fundraisingzone.com have evolved to meet the needs of a growing client base. At the core of our operation is a commitment to remain #1 in customer service, ease, and support for everyone who needs us.

Our business model is one that ensures maximum profits to our clients, and will never sacrifice client satisfaction to achieve that end. Our offers include both seasonal and year-round product brochures. They are designed to increase our clients sales, giving them successful fundraising experiences that raise revenues every year. So, what makes us the most proud? It has to be our ability to offer mentoring and assistance every step of the way for our clients.

There are dozens of fundraising companies to choose from that offer brochures and catalogs such as ours.  We feel we are a better choice because we never stop looking out for you.  Whether you run a $500 sale or a $25.oo sale – we know that if you are unhappy then our company has failed in doing its job. That is why we have built our fundraising company the way we have done so. It’s because we want to earn your business year in and year out moving forward.

How we stack up to the competition & how can we help you reach your financial goals.

Above par customer service and easy fundraisers are what https://fundraisingzone.com is all about. We designed a Ten Point Service Package that addresses many organization’s concerns when it comes to fundraising. Our goal with this package is to give your organization what it needs to reach its fundraising goals, and with over 50 years in the business, we have taken the time to study our client’s needs.

So, what is important to our customers? Well we listened to our clients and this is what they have told us what is important to them. HINT: These may also be important to you too!


  • Free ala’ cart sorting. First of all, we pick, bag, mark and sort every gift catalog brochure order for each participant according to your exact specifications.
  • Free delivery of your order. Additionally, all gift catalog brochure orders valued at $2,500 or more in sales are shipped free of charge; orders for less than that carry a $50.00 processing fee. See separate insert for refrigerated product, costume jewelry, snack brochures, and all other brochures in our line.
  • Free email and texting app. Furthermore, our free app boosts sales by as much as 50% and has no added fees. Our simple email or texting application lets you send links to anyone on your mailing list. You can easily contact friends, and family to get their support for your middle school fundraiser.
  • Free shipping, free brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms. Finally, we provide your middle school group with free, high quality glossy brochures, free, prize brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms.  In addition, we will always ship them to you completely free of charge.


What are the perks of working with our company?

Our diverse brochure fundraiser list provides the best in flavor and selection and all of them are successful. We help you select the very best brochure, taking into consideration the season, your market, and the age group of your participants. We are always testing new items, new ideas and new brochures. This way we bring you the most “up to date” catalogs from the many companies out there.

Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising

The flavors Birthday Cake Popcorn, Chocolate Swirl Popcorn, Classic Caramel Popcorn, and Kettle Corn Popcorn come in large 1-gallon resealable bags to keep them fresh. These popular flavors are sure to be a big hit with everyone.

$10 Cookie Dough

Year after year, organizations choose this fundraiser for its high returns and popularity with their customers. The flavors are some of the most popular around. And you can see with up to 50% profit on each tub, you’re sure to reach your goals with this easy fundraiser. The flavors include snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and chunky chocolate chip.

Smart Snacks Fundraising Catalog

This fundraiser hosts the healthiest snacks available in our repertoire. And they are growing in popularity all over. With low caloric index, high mineral and nutrient content, these snacks are great for the health-conscious audience that wants to steer away from high sugar and sodium-rich snacks. Some of the top sellers are:

  • Hawaiian Delight. (Dried banana, pineapple, coconut, and papaya)
  • Salsa Mix.
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix. (Honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts, raisins, and dried apple pieces.)

Furthermore these are sold for only $7 each. This means your customers will probably be able to afford to support your fundraising event. So, can you see why this is growing in popularity?

Winter Wonderland Gift & Gift wrap Catalog

Everything you need to gear up for spring is available in our Winter Wonderland brochure.

  • Outdoor living and grilling items.
  • Healthy living and kitchen tools.
  • Chocolates and treats.
  • And plenty of fun stuff for the kids!

This brochure has over two dozen choices of gift wrap, items for the home, magazines, Christmas merchandise and a host of kitchen utensils.

What’s In It for Your Non-Profit Group To Choose Our Fundraising Company?

In conclusion, we can’t stress enough that our 50 years’ of fundraising experience gives us a keen insight on what works today. Additionally, we have the experience to help organizations reach and surpass their fundraising goals. This means we are a dedicated fundraising provider. Finally, we give you tools and assistance to benchmark your growth and the development of your chosen fundraiser.

Our clients tell us we are the only fundraising company that makes total sense in the long-run. Why? We give you the tools at your fingertips that streamline the fundraising process. Furthermore, we offer you many risk-free, easy fundraising ideas to choose from. So, give us a call at 800.645.6550 to get started and let https://fundraisingzone.com help you plan the fundraiser that gets results. We promise you will be glad to select https://fundraisingzone.com from all of the other fundraising companies out there.