Choir Fundraising Ideas

Choir Fundraising Ideas

Choir Fundraising Ideas that Work

Easy Choir Fundraiser Ideas – Best Tips For Your Next Choral Fundraisers

If you are looking for some easy choir fundraiser ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Here at we have been helping choral groups with our best choir fundraiser ideas for over 50 years.

You and I both understand that chorus groups need to raise money for choir trips. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees does it?

On the other hand, finding the best fundraiser for your choral group can be intimidating. After all, you want to make the right choice, don’t you? You want to choose a fundraising event that your entire youth group can get behind.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What kinds of choir fundraisers can we help to raise the most money for?
  • What are our Top 4 choir fundraising ideas?
  • How does our choir fundraiser program work?
  • More choral fundraising ideas to try…

All Kinds of Choral Groups Can Benefit from Our Easy Choir Fundraising

By the way, our proven fundraiser programs work for all types of choirs. For example, we have had success working with:

So, that means these easy ideas will work for your choir too.

Our Best 4 High Profit Fundraisers For Choirs Are As Follows:

You will love the simplicity of our choir fundraising programs.

No body likes to sell, right? However, it is lots of FUN to help people BUY things they enjoy!

Here are just a few of our top choir fundraising suggestions.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Fundraiser

This is a favorite for anyone that shops at your local mall. Auntie Anne has done all of the advertising for you already. This means you get to capitalize on the name brand recognition of this popular product. Whether you have a youth choir or a church choir, this is a real winner because you earn $7.20 on each sale. Check out the brochure here.

$10 Cookie Dough Fundraising

People love to eat home baked cookies right? Your friends and family are going to buy cookies at the grocery store in the next few days, aren’t they? Doesn’t it make sense they buy it from you and support your choir?

Your customers get to pick their favorite flavor cookie dough. So, whether it is chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin you can help everyone to get what they want. Your chorus group earns up to $5.20 on each 2 lb cookie dough tub ordered.

Gourmet Popcorn Fundraisers

There is something about popcorn that people find it hard to resist. Isn’t that so? Now combine that with gourmet toppings like caramel corn and chocolate drizzle? Notice how your mouth is watering already, right? Your neighbors, friends and family from school or church will love this will only cost $7.00 each. For only $7.00 they can feel good about helping your choir pay for its travel expenses,  PLUS get gourmet popcorn to share and enjoy!

Choir Fundraising Concert

This is a perfect fundraiser for the holiday season. Sing the classics that everyone loves to hear. You might want to reach out on facebook to see what your fan’s favorite songs are. This will give you plenty of time to practice these and make them part of your repertoire. You can charge a set entry price or ask for voluntary contributions.

You might also think about selling food and drinks at concession stands.

Why Do Choirs Love Our Fundraiser Brochures?

You will look good when the choir director and church committee sees how our program works.

  • Your chorus earns up to 52% on each sale, so that means this will be very profitable for you to try.
  • You also get as many free brochures as you need.
  • In addition, your singers get to help people BUY things that they love already.
  • These beautifully designed brochures will make it easy to sell these products.
  • A fundraising expert will help you pick out a brochure that is the perfect fundraiser for your choir.
  • No upfront costs to your church, school or nonprofit youth group because we want to make it as easy as possible for your singing group.
  • Furthermore, there is NO risk on your part because you pay for everything from the money you collect!
  • Finally, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

More Of Our Best Church Fundraisers To Help You Raise Money For Choir Trips

So, why not give these a try and see how much fun and money your youth group chorus can make?

They work great in addition to our fundraising products we discussed above. In addition, these school fundraising tips work great for your child’s elementary school too.

The type of fundraiser isn’t as important as the scheduling of these through the year at regular intervals.

The most important thing about your youth fundraiser is the enthusiasm your singing group brings to the table. Make sure they are good at telling the story of why they are holding a school fundraiser or church fundraiser. Then set up a fundraising thermostat to keep the excitement going! We also encourage you to share your progress on social media too.

Here Is An Idea…

In conclusion, instead of trying to figure this out alone, we’d like to tell you about a free offer we have.

When you call us in a moment, you will have the opportunity to talk to a fundraising specialist. This will not be a sales call. Instead, we will listen to your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. If you are open to it, we can share a few choir fundraising ideas, tips and suggestions too. The call is free and there is no obligation on your part.

Why not call us now?

Additional choir fundraiser ideas: