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50 profit fundraisers

Easy 50% Profit Fundraisers For Schools, Youth Groups And Sports Teams

You’re going to be glad you stopped by today… Here at fundraisingzone.com, we are the home of the 50% profit fundraisers. Lets face it, there are many fundraiser ideas out there for schools, churches and sports teams. So make sure to choose a fundraising company that offers you 50 percent profit fundraising ideas.

Fundraising can be hard, there is no doubt about it. Perhaps you have tried school fundraising events in the past only to fall short of your financial goals. As we talk to parents, coaches and teachers all over the country we see that for ourselves.

Furthermore, many school’s sports teams and youth groups have been frustrated selling fundraising items that pay very little money. Perhaps you have tried selling a scratch card or a discount card in the past. Please remember that if you are only going to earn $.50 on a fundraising product like a pretzel rod or a lollipop, you are going to have to sell a lot of merchandise to make the money you need. That is why we offer catalogs that feature 50% profit fundraisers.

On the other hand, if you are selling $7 – $10 items that offer 50% profit, you will earn a lot more money with fewer sales. For example, our gourmet popcorn and our trail mix are only seven dollars each. In addition, our cookie dough tub fundraisers start at only $10. This means your school can earn up to five dollars on every sale. Why settle for 50 cents when you can make 5 dollars? It is time to raise more money! Keep reading to learn more about our Fundraising 50 profit programs.

Additional 50 percent profit fundraisers

Here are some of our most popular 50-50 fundraisers. Simply show the catalog, brochure or card fundraising items to your friends and family. They will be happy to support you.

1- Edible cookie dough fundraiser’s offer 50% profit.

Think back to when you were a kid and mom was making homemade cookies in the kitchen. Do you remember how good it was to lick the spoon when she was done? Sometimes you would even sneak a taste! You no longer have to sneak eating cookie dough. In fact our raw edible cookie dough fundraiser has zero trans fat and zero preservatives. Best of all, your school earns up to 50% profit on every sale.

2- Our “Winter Wonderland” fundraising catalog also pays your school up to 50% profit.

From bows and gift wrap to affordable presents for the entire family, this catalog has something for everyone.

Additionally, if you are looking at ideas for candle fundraisers, you will find a few faith-based candles in these catalogs as well. Why not consider holding a winter fundraiser this holiday season?

3- Looking for a healthy snacks fundraiser that pay 50% profit?

The “Indulge Your Healthy Side” fundraising brochure might be exactly what you’re looking for. It has fruit and trail mix, roasted cashews, mixed nuts and quite a few other natural treats your customers will enjoy. It also has a low retail cost of only seven dollars a bag. At a 50% profit your school could earn up to $3.50 a bag when they meet the required order amount. This can certainly help your youth baseball or football fundraising efforts. Try one of our healthy 50% profit fundraisers today.

4- Auntie Annes Pretzels fundraiser earns up to 50% profit!

This is the same great product your friends and family like to get at the mall food court. Only $16 to make a lot of home-made pretzels. Your school group earns up to $8 on every pretzel kit sold.

Try our 50% profit fundraisers along with your traditional school fundraiser activities

Some of our clients will hold a trivia night, an auction, raffle tickets, golf tournaments or hold signs up to have your car washed.

Here is the point…

Your sports team fundraiser should also consider adding our 50% profit program to make the most money.

Make it a friendly competition with our fundraising 50 profit event

How do you create a friendly competitive spirit to sell more fundraising merchandise? Simply offer a prize to the winner. Furthermore, ice cream and pizza parties traditionally have also worked well for motivating students.

Did we mention this was a free fundraising idea?

Yes! How does the idea of a free fundraiser for your no-profit sound?

Your school or non-profit pays no money upfront. You simply pay for the product from the sales generated.

In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about our 50% fund raisers, then please reach out and give us a call. Our easy fundraising program works very well.

In fact, hundreds of schools and youth sports teams have raised money with our help. (HINT… These work well for church fundraising events too!)

Our fundraising professionals will be happy to answer all of your questions to show you how to earn the most money.

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