Coffee Fundraiser For Church

coffee fundraiser for church

Want An Easy Coffee Fundraising Idea For Church?

Holding a coffee fundraiser for church choirs or youth groups is a great way to raise money. Churches can use our free coffee fundraising program to help pay for mission trips too.

Rest assured that we are 100% committed to helping your church succeed. Our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to raise the money you need. You will enjoy our easy church fundraising ideas.

How can you use this easy coffee fundraiser for church?

Many churches get frustrated while raising funds. As a result they often don’t raise as much money as they would like. We agree, it can be difficult.

However, it is not your fault. It is hard to raise money selling things that no one wants to pay for. That is why we love selling coffee for a fundraiser. Millions of American churchgoers start their morning off with a fresh cup of coffee.

How does our church program work?

  1. First, make a list of the people you know that are coffee drinkers.
  2. You also need to practice your 60 second speech on why you are holding a church fundraiser. Explain how they can feel good about donating to help a good cause.
  3. In addition, put a post up on your church’s website, Facebook page or church sign, advertising the coffee sale.
  4. Show them the coffee catalog and let them choose from the 15 different coffee varieties.
  5. You can also ask for payment in advance.
  6. Finally, your church fundraising event makes a 45% profit on every sale you make.

Set up a church coffee shop

You can have a place for people to stop by and get coffee in the morning before going to work. It is also an opportunity to get them to church and see what your church is like. You can also share a positive scriptural thought for the day while they are there. You can post donations signs for coffee and donuts too.

Will these coffee fundraising ideas for churches work for you?

We believe they most certainly will!

People love the Wickedly Awesome coffee brand because it tastes heavenly good! (Did you know that in modern slang terminology, “wicked” means beyond awesome?)

Make a list of your customers and run this fundraising promotion 2-3 times a year. You can do this because people like to drink coffee all year round.

Imagine how good it would feel raising a few thousand dollars several times a year! What would your church committee say about that? How would it feel if it was all your idea?

We are ready to help you to reach your goals this year. Why not reach out to us for a complimentary strategy session? Lets talk about your church’s monetary goals. Tell us what you have tried in the past and how it worked for you.

Finally, we will share our top coffee fundraising ideas for churches with you.

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