Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Learn how to raise money with these easy fundraising ideas for cheerleaders.

cheerleading fundraising ideas

Who else wants to try some easy cheerleading fundraising ideas?

Give me an “F”!

Give me a “U”!

And give me an “N”!

What do you get?

That spells “FUN”!

Welcome to Fundraising Zone. We put the fun back in cheerleading fundraiser ideas. We have dozens of articles to help you raise money for your cheerleaders.

Furthermore, we have dozens of brochures to choose from in our free cheer fundraising program.

So, are you curious about our most popular fundraising programs for cheerleaders? 

Our 3 best cheerleader fundraisers

Each of these fundraising programs can help you raise hundreds or thousands of dollars. They are perfect for paying for cheerleader uniforms, costumes, trophies, award dinners, tournament fees and travel expenses.

#1: Fundraiser idea selling wrapping paper!

sell giftwrap to raise money for cheerleaders

So, how can you raise the most money selling gift wrap?

Your cheer squad can earn the most money by following our simple fundraising process. When you choose our winter wonderland fundraiser brochure, you will be delighted with the beautiful products it contains. Cheerleaders love that it has beautiful photos of holiday gift wrap and presents. So will you. This means you can feel good about showing this four color brochure to your friends and family.

Finally, your cheerleaders booster club earns up to 50% on every sale. As you can imagine, this is the most popular school team fundraiser we have!

Learn more about our profitable gift wrapping paper fundraiser here.

#2: Snackin’ in the USA

Snackin in the USA Times Square All

Learn how to raise money selling snacks with Fundraising Zone.

Cheer boosters love our Snackin’ in the USA fundraiser because they retail for only eight dollars.

Your customers will love this brochure because there are 10 different snacks to choose from. From chocolate covered almonds to Hawaiian delight trail mix, your customers will find the perfect treat for their sweet tooth. Cheerleaders can earn up to 50% on every sale.

Furthermore, because it is so affordable, some of your customers will buy more than one fundraising item from you. Now you can see why this snack brochure is one of our top three school fundraisers year after year.

Learn how to make money with our snack fundraising brochure here.

#3: Gourmet popcorn fundraisers 

cheerleading fundraising selling popcorn

Cheerleaders all over the country have had success raising money selling popcorn.

How can you raise the most money with our popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure? Thankfully, the gourmet popcorn catalog does all the selling for you. The mouthwatering pictures may move your customers to buy more than one fundraising product from you.

What do our customers have to say about selling our popcorn?

“Fundraising Zone ROCKS!!!! Their popcorn is delicious and you get your money’s worth unlike some other companies. All of the representatives are always so pleasant. But I had the best one, Chris!!! She has been a life saver during our process. Shipping is FAST, which is important to customers. They fulfilled some discrepancies without any hassle. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone who is looking to do a great, profitable fundraiser. You can’t go wrong with Fundraising Zone!! I look forward to doing business with them again soon.”

Now you can see why this is one of our top cheerleading fundraising ideas.

Learn about our $8 gourmet popcorn fundraiser here.

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Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

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DIY cheer fundraiser ideas

Here are some do-it- yourself cheerleading fundraiser ideas:

#1 DIY Idea: Sell cosmetic jewelry

Cosmetic jewelry fundraiser for cheerleadersThis is a perfect moneymaker for cheerleaders.

Why do we say that? The “Home in Beauty Jewelry Fundraising” catalog contains a wide variety of home gifts, self care items, fashion jewelry and much more. Swarovski  crystals, scalloped earrings, weaved chokers, scarves, bracelets and necklaces too.

Additionally, this brochure guarantees your cheer team earns a 45% profit on all the fundraising merchandise you sell.

Finally, you can learn more about this cosmetic jewelry fundraiser for cheerleaders here.

#2 DIY Cheer IdeaSell candle votive holders to raise money

Cheerleading fundraising ideas selling candle votive holdersWe have the perfect candle fundraising idea for cheer teams.

Instead of simply selling candles like everyone else, your cheer team can sell candle votive holders with motivational phrases on them.

Why is this better than selling candles?

You can only use a candle one time. Once it burns out the old candle is gone forever. However, with these candle votive holders you can put inexpensive candles in them. This way you can enjoy them for many years to come.

For example:

  • Time to shine! 
  • Pour some glitter on! 
  • ‘Tis the season to sparkle!

Finally, your cheerleaders earn up to eight dollars for each candle votive holders they sell. 

#3 DIY Cheer Tip: Coloring book fundraisers

Cheerleading fundraising ideas selling coloring booksColoring books have made a comeback, haven’t they?

Many children, teenagers and adults find coloring a very soothing and relaxing pastime. This is because you need to focus on the coloring within the lines instead of your problems!

Your friends and family will love our “Color Me” coloring book series. You get five beautiful 32-page coloring books for only $14. Your cheer team earns up to seven dollars for every sale. So, earn money helping your customers chill out!

You can learn about our cheerleading fundraising ideas selling coloring books by checking out our Winter Fundraising Brochure.

Cheerleader fundraising items 

Here are three more profitable cheerleader fundraising items to help your team raise money:

#1 Cinnabon fundraisers

Nothing beats the taste or smell of fresh Cinnabons right from the oven.

You get the very same delicious cinnamon roll that you get at the Cinnabon store in your local mall food court. They retail for only $16 and your cheer squad earns up to eight dollars per sale. 

#2 Auntie Anne’s pretzels

Here is another mall food court favorite for teenagers all over the country.

This is a great pretzel fundraising idea for cheerleaders. Your squad earns up to eight dollars for every pretzel kit sold.

Your friends and family will love the idea of making hot fresh pretzels right in their very own kitchen.

Call to talk to a fundraising expert to learn how to raise money selling pretzels. Our experts will help you because they want you to succeed!

#3 Sell gourmet coffee

Why is our coffee school fundraising program so popular?

Simply put, it is because people love to drink coffee everyday. It gives them the energy lift they need to get through the day.

Furthermore, our coffee fundraisers help cheerleaders earn 45% on every sale. Can you make a lot of money selling coffee? You betcha! How does $7 on every box of coffee sold sound to you? Your cheer team can earn a whole lot of money helping your friends and family stay either caffeinated or decaffeinated!

Learn how to raise money for cheer selling coffee here.

Allow us to be your cheer fundraising company

In conclusion, Fundraising Zone has been helping school sports teams and cheerleaders raise money for 5 decades. 

Additionally, we offer free fundraising programs that only sell quality merchandise that we are willing to stand 100% behind.

Furthermore, we invite you to order your free fundraising kit now.  We offer free phone coaching to help you decide the best cheerleading fundraising ideas to help your reach your goals.

We look forward to helping you!