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Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas from Nevada: Pink Flamingos

Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas
from Nevada: Pink Flamingos


What can you learn from these cheerleading fundraising ideas from Nevada?  Allow us to tell you an unfortunate story.  What happens when you win a chance to go to national cheer championships in Orlando and you don’t have the money to pay for entrance fees, hotel and travel expenses?

NOTHING because you do NOT get to go!

Last year, The Pop Warner cheerleaders won the Regionals competition last year but unfortunately could not come up with the funds to attend Nationals. Imagine how CRUSHED you would be.

These girls are working hard to make sure this NEVER happens again.

First, they have a routine that is 10 times better than last year. Second, they are getting a head start in raising money for the Nationals NOW before they even win. Now that is confidence! There is every reason to believe they will make it.

Nevada cheerleaders fundraising ideas using PINK Flamingos

Imagine waking up one morning and finding 50 PINK flamingos on your front lawn, what would you do?

You would have to call a pink flamingo removal expert! That is exactly what has happened to 8 home owners in Pop Warner so far. You can believe that more are to follow!

Where in the world do you get 50 pink flamingos from?

The cheer team had an idea. They held a carwash fundraiser and used the money to buy the flock of flamingos from a local Home Depot store.

Next they hatched their plan.

First, they would leave a flier attached to the flamingo closest to the front door. The fundraising flier explains why the flamingos are there, along with donation options to remove them!

  • $15 for “trained technicians” to come out and have the flamingos removed
  • $20 to have the trained techs come out and remove the flock, plus relocate them to another address
  • $30 insurance to keep a home safe from future “flocking’s”.
  • $5 fee to find out the person who had them flocked

They normally keep the flamingo flock at a house for up to 4 days. Since the kids are in bed early for school, the coaches or booster club parents will do the flamingo prank.  The grownups have fun being “teenagers” again pulling this prank.

How can you use this Pink flamingo cheer fundraising Idea from Nevada?

  • Get your cheer team involved to host a team carwash fundraiser to pay for your flamingo purchase.
  • Have the cheerleaders brainstorm on some victims to host their pink birds.
  • Set your price points.
  • Design a cheerleader fundraising flier that explains how your fundraiser works and that you can leave at the person’s home.

If you would like help in raising money for your cheerleaders, then reach out to us.

We have some wonderful brochure fundraising catalogs to help your reach your financial goals.


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