Winter Candle Fundraising Ideas For Your Cheerleaders

Winter Candle Fundraising Ideas

Winter Candle Fundraising Ideas For Your Cheerleaders

If your cheerleaders are dreaming about competing in the AllStar National Championships this year, they better get to work right now and start raising money. Your cheer booster club parents will love our winter candle fundraisers because they are really easy to run. These top cheerleading fundraising ideas will work for you.

Easy candle fundraising ideas for cheer competitions

Before your cheer squad makes it to the Nationals this year, they must believe in themselves… FIRST.

If your girls are the best at what they do, then they will make it all the way to number one. However, how will they PAY to get there? Who will pay for the hotels, fees and travel expenses?

Our “BELIEVE” candle fundraisers are the perfect way to get there…

One candle at a time.

Think about this…

Imagine, asking your friends and family, “Will you BELIEVE in us?”

So, first tell them about your dream to make it to the Nationals. Then show them the “Believe” candle in our winter fundraising catalog. You can also tell them they will enjoy the brown sugar and sweet cream aroma in their home! It is only $17 and your school cheer team earns up to 52% based on how much you sell.

Succeed raising the money you need selling candles this winter

The candle simply says, “Believe”.

This is great because the word “Believe” means something different for everyone. Whether a person is a spiritual person or simply believes in their own dreams, this winter candle will mean something special to them. Why not help remind them of what they “BELIEVE” in?

Ready to get your free winter catalogs and start earning money? Call us 1-800-645-6550 and we will show you how we can help your cheerleaders earn the most money. The call is free. The information is very valuable.

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