Successful Dance Team Fundraising Events

successful dance team fundraising
 Successful Dance Team Fundraising Events Selling Coffee

If you are looking for successful dance team fundraising events, we have one word for you…


We believe coffee fundraisers are a great way for dance teams to raise the most money. But don’t take our word for this, see it for yourself.

Why do we believe selling coffee make excellent successful dance team fundraising events?

We believe coffee and dance teams go hand in hand. After all, dancers need their energy to compete at their best, don’t they?

If dancers need energy every day, doesn’t it also make sense that their friends and family could use a little more energy too? In fact, many people start each morning with a cup of coffee, don’t they? Furthermore, I bet you can think of half dozen people you know that drink coffee every day, can’t you? Your friends and family can make perfect prospects. Can you begin to see why we think selling coffee is one of our favorite dance fundraising event ideas?

How much money can your dance team make selling coffee?

Our gourmet coffee dancing fundraisers pay out 45% profit on every sale. So, that means your dance team will only have to sell 25 units to meet the minimum required to participate. This means it is perfect for even small dance groups. Since the average sale is only $16, at only 25 sales your dance team earns $180 profit.

Can you see how this can work very easily with all of your dancers showing the coffee brochures to their friends?

  • 50 units = $360 profit
  • 75 units = $540 profit
  • 100 units = $720 profit
  • 150 units = $1,080 profit

Question: How would you feel if you had an extra $1,000 right now? So, what would you do with the extra money right now?

Successful dance team fundraising FAQ

Is this expensive to get started? Your dance team starts for free. Additionally, we supply you with everything that you need to start selling coffee. Simply put, there are no upfront costs with our successful coffee fundraising program.

Is it hard to get started? Our dance team fundraising events are very easy to get started. We also provide all of the free training you require to succeed.

Will it be hard to sell coffee? Have you driven by a Starbucks or Dunkin’ doughnuts lately? Did you notice the long line of cars in the drive-through lane? People love to drink coffee and will drink it with or without your fundraiser. So, why not have your own coffee fundraiser?

How much does it cost to ship the coffee? Here at, we will even pay for the fundraising product shipping when you reach the minimum order. We try to make this as easy as possible for you. This means you get to keep all of the profits.

What kind of coffee do you sell? We represent the Wicked Awesome coffee brand, made by Boston’s Best Coffee. There are 15 different flavors. In addition, the coffee is available in convenient single serve cups or 11 ounce bags.

How do we get started making money selling coffee?

We offer a free coffee seller consultation. It all starts with a free phone call. We want to learn everything about you and why you are raising money. We will teach you everything you need to know to have a successful dance team fundraiser event.

In conclusion, we believe we have the key to your next successful fundraiser. We invite you to a free exploratory call to see if it makes sense to work together.

And finally, we promise to share our best successful dance team fundraising ideas.

We look forward talking to you soon. Call 1.800.645.6550 today.