Loose Change is the Hero of This Gymnastics Team Fundraiser


The Acrobatic Circus: Executing an Original Gymnastics Team Fundraiser Event Successfully

Are you worried about how your gymnastics team is going to raise money for uniforms, equipment, and competition registration? The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you may think. The trick to generating interest in your cause is to offer your donors something to remember about their contributions to you. What people want is something more than a trophy- they crave an unforgettable experience. So, here is a suggestion for your next gymnastics team fundraiser.

Do you remember going to the circus as a child and watching acrobats walk the tightrope, swing in the air, and perform all kinds of amazing feats while you sat in the audience eating all of your favorite snacks? There was caramel popcorn, peanuts, gummy bears, chocolate covered raisins, and everything in between! The nostalgia of the circus recalls to mind some of the best memories people have. With a few glow in the dark sticks and glitter, you can bring some memories to life.


Establish a Budget for Your Fundraiser

You know the saying, “It takes money to make money”? It rings true especially in the instance of fundraising. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank  to put on a truly amazing show. Think about it: you already have the acrobats and equipment you need to execute the circus. So what else do you need to set the right scene and ambiance? That depends on what kind of acrobatic circus you want to showcase. Is it an elegant Cirque du Soleil-style event? Or perhaps a down-to-earth state fair vibe you are going after? Remember to consider the costs of lighting, costumes, and makeup for the event. How do you keep your fundraiser event costs low with high ROI? Then try to keep everything in-house as possible. This will put you in the best position for that end.


Get the Word Out

Use both traditional and digital promotion techniques to reach your target your ideal customer:

  • New students
  • Their parents
  • Community supporters.

Getting the children excited  about the fundraising event will cause them to tell their parents.  For example, focusing on promoting to schools and the neighborhood using flyers or brochures encourages children to tell their parents about the event. Here are some ways to invite parents and guardians to get involved:

  • Have teammates go door to door to invite your neighbors by flyer and brochure.
  • Compile an email list and send e-vites to all members.
  • Use social media, the team blog, and the website to promote the show.
  • Get local businesses involved by asking them to advertise to their customers.

Why is it so important to do this?

The more people you’ve made aware of the gymnastics team fundraiser, the more returns on time, money, and energy you’ll see.


Offer Multiple Opportunities to Contribute

Ticket sales are important for your gymnastics team fundraiser event. However, they will take you but so far to your goal. What is the key then? Having multiple opportunities for people to offer money before, during, and after the event. This will encourage donations and promotion beyond your immediate network. Some additional opportunities are available by taking advantage of the following:

People can contribute more than money as well. Time and energy are also valuable resources that are equally as beneficial. Don’t be afraid to ask people if they would like to volunteer to assist in any way possible with their time. Other ways people can help besides donating money are:

  • Posting hashtags of your team’s name and event on social media.
  • Providing positive reviews on your team’s social media pages and website.
  • Assisting with setup and cleanup of the acrobatic circus on the day of the event.
  • Having local business donate goods or services to auction off.


Follow Up with Donors


Once you have a donor… Stay in touch with them! So be use the same social media digital tools you used to gain visibility to keep team in the mind of your supporters. Be consistent in your outreach. So, the same work you put in to get support has to be repeated as often as possible. Furthermore, your donors feel appreciated when you take time to show your gratitude. Interactive and consistent posts on social media is the key to keeping your schools needs in front of your fans. People who enjoyed your social media posts are more likely to spread the word after your fundraising event is over. Hard work, consistency, and persistence make for a successful fundraiser. When you combine that with a simple “thank you,” you’ve developed a long-term partner in every one of your contributors.

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