Holiday Bazaar Fundraising Ideas For Dance Teams

Holiday Bazaar Fundraising Ideas For Dance Teams

You might be wondering, “How can I hold a holiday bazaar fundraiser to support our High School Dance Team?”

Looking for fundraising ideas for dance teams? Here are a couple of dance fundraising ideas that you can use immediately for your upcoming bazaar:

  • Planning: First, you need to plan way in advance since these are held during the holiday season. The sooner you begin the better.
  • Location: As soon as possible, speak to the Principal’s office to get permission to use the school gym or grounds. Because you don’t want to spend all of your time planning something and not get permission afterwards.
  • Vendors: Finally, contact local vendors in your area and tell them about the bazaar you are scheduling. Think about vendors that sell things that would make great gifts.

    Additional Fundraising Tips for your Bazaar

  • Vendor space fees: Come up with a booth price for each vendor to pay. Make it a fair price that will work for both of you. Our research shows the average rental fee is about $20 – $30 per 10 x 7 space. Feel free to reach out to other schools that have had bazaars in the past to find out how much they charged. You can also search on line. Make sure you get paid up front for these vendor fees!
  • Getting paid by commission: You also have the option of charging a fixed percentage fee of each sale the vendor makes. Remember to be fair so that your vendor makes money and wants to return next year.
  • Electricity fees: Will your vendor be requiring electricity? This is an extra fee that you can tack on.
  • Table fees: Will you be providing tables or will you require them to bring their own? Make sure you make this clear to your vendors. If you supply the tables will you include it in the price? We have seen some organizations renting tables for an additional fee of $5.00 each.
  • Students table fees: Encourage teachers and students to sell their own homemade crafts. You can offer reduced rates for smaller spaces. We have seen these smaller spaces for about $10 each.
  • Admission pricing: Will you charge an admission fee for your customers? Free admission will get more visitors and you can make money on your concession stands and vendor fees. If you do charge a fee, then keep it minimal so you don’t scare people away.
  • Concession fees: Sell food and drinks. BONUS TIP: Be sure to tell your vendors that no outside food or beverages are allowed at the sale. Otherwise you will have competitors!

    More fundraising ideas for dance teams you can use during your Bazaar Fundraiser

  • Bake sales: Encourage the students and moms to bake cookies, muffins, cakes and pies to donate to the sale.
  • Auctions & Raffles: Talk to a vendor about donating an item or service that you can raffle or auction off. The more items you can raffle off the better.
  • Band: You want “live” music so talk to the band about volunteering. If not, contact a local musician that might want some exposure.
  • School and dance team logos: You can have examples on hand and take orders for hats, tee shirts and backpacks with your team’s brand name on it.
  • Advertise! Make sure to get the word out about your holiday bazaar fundraiser for your dance team. Set up a facebook page for the fundraiser. You can use it again next year. Your local paper may even give you a free advertisement or write a story about you. You also may consider writing a free news release that you can submit online. You can also ask vendors if you can leave fliers promoting the bazaar in their stores. Finally, don’t forget about posting it on!
  • Sell your story: Your friends, family and neighbors love to support good causes. So tell your story. Did you win the local competition and now need funds to go to another state for the next competition? Then make sure you tell them why you are doing this. You have a reason to make your community proud of you, so tell your story!

Why combine Holiday Bazaars with other dance fundraising ideas?

A bazaar is a only one part of your fundraising efforts. Here at we encourage combining and stacking your ideas for dance fundraising. You can also try:

Remember, to make them most effective we suggest scattering your fundraisers throughout the year instead of doing them all at one time.

Got any questions? Talk to a dance fundraiser expert for free and have all your questions answered.

Additionally, here are some more helpful tips to raise money for your dancers: