Gymnastics Booster Club Fundraisers

Gymnastics booster club fundraising ideas

Gymnastics Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Donna & Louise are parents in the high school gymnastics booster club. They are also serious about putting on a school fundraiser.

Donna said, “The girls team looks promising for the school districts competition season this year.” That would mean paying for travel and expenses to the state championships this spring.

Louise added, “We better start planning ahead of time right now. That means looking for some easy gymnastics booster club fundraising ideas.”

This is where we come in. We provide easy gymnastics fundraising ideas for booster clubs.

Easy Gymnastics Booster Club Fundraising Ideas For Your School

As a gymnastics booster club parent, you understand that if you don’t raise the money for equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, or travel expenses, then your students lose out. School sports budget cuts have made fundraising mandatory for gymnastic boosters. Setting & reaching fundraising goals has become part of being a good booster member.

As a parent or teacher, you are busy enough already. That is why most parents are looking for fundraisers that are easy and simple for their teams and schools to do.

We believe our easy fundraising brochures are the way to go. But please don’t take our word for it. Notice what Beth from the Websterville Christian Academy had to recently say about us.

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience in our fundraising quest. Tracy Hamilton ( was by far the best company I have worked with for fundraising and I would highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for a great experience. Everything from the initial phone call asking for information, the quickness of getting all the materials, the ease of the whole process, and the beautiful products that were top-notch! Lastly, I just want to say that Chris is absolutely the best to work with and she was just outstanding in every interaction I had! Thank you so much Tracy Hamilton and we will definitely be using you again!”

Easy cookie dough fundraisers for gymnastics booster clubs

It doesn’t get easier than this. We send you free brochures filled with pictures of delicious cookie dough. Your friends and family pick out their favorite cookie dough flavor. They pay you $10 for a 2-pound tub. We mail it to you as soon as you pay us for the product. You deliver the cookie dough fundraising merchandise to your customers. Your booster earns up to 52% profit.

Easy gourmet popcorn fundraisers for gymnastic boosters

This works the same as the cookie dough fundraiser, except our popcorn bags only cost $7 each. Your customers are going to want to try them all. The good news is that you pay only for what you sell. This means you are not stuck buying all the popcorn up front. Risk free fund raising is the only way to go in our opinion! Try our easy popcorn fundraiser today.

Easy jewelry fundraisers for your gymnasts booster club

Imagine a jewelry fundraising brochure that has beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chokers & scarves with many items under $20.00. Fun, stylish, and a great fundraiser for any dance, cheer or gymnastics booster club. Your group earns up to 45% profit on each sale.

What makes our school booster club fundraisers so easy?

  • We have been helping schools with youth sports fundraisers for 50 years now, which means we have really simplified this process.
  • Risk free fundraising means you pay no money up front to get started.
  • Plenty of fundraising brochures featuring all kinds of fundraising products and merchandise.
  • You get free brochures and envelopes.
  • You also get free parent letters explaining how the fund raiser supports the gymnastics program.
  • Furthermore, we pay for the shipping when you meet the minimum order.
  • In addition, your booster earns up to 52% on each sale.
  • They are the perfect complement to the traditional car wash, bake sale or yard sale fundraiser.
  • Finally, we give you a fool proof 5 step plan to follow and free coaching every step of the way.

In conclusion, we encourage you to read some of our success stories here. Then order a free fundraising kit here.

Finally, we invite you to a risk free coaching call where Joe or Chris would be happy to share some of our best gymnastics booster club fundraising ideas.

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