Florida cheerleader fundraising ideas generate $3,000 for elementary schools

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How a group of ST. Augustine middle school cheer leaders raised over $3k for a DIFFERENT school!


This Florida middle school cheer fundraiser was a success for these young people. What can you learn from this Florida cheerleader fundraising idea?

Learn how a community volunteer spirit encouraged reading and helped younger school children at the same time. Because you might be inspired to try this for yourself. If you do, please tell us about your success too!

These girls are learning how to become community leaders. Everyone knows that school budget cuts have affected Florida cheer squad funding. That means that they are constantly looking for easy cheer fundraising ideas to defray the costs of equipment and uniforms.

Here is the kicker…

Instead of raising money for the Gamble Rogers Middle School Cheer Team… they raised money for two (2) local elementary schools in their community instead.

So, why would they want to do that?

California cheerleader fundraising ideas: “Readers Are Leaders”

These young people are amazing.

They participated in a program called “Readers are Leaders”. Keeping with the reading theme, they used ebook and magazine fundraisers to donate $3,225 to the Otis Mason Elementary and W.D. Hartley Elementary schools. Can you imagine how excited they were?

We think you will agree that this was a very successful cheer fundraiser.

The squad team consists of 16 students. Their names are Kendall Lease, Elianna Ramirez, Sage McMahon, Olivia Meadows, Alyssa Semmelman, Shelby Creter, Zoe Malota, Alexa Walcott, Morgan Merchant, Kaylee Marks, Julia Roy, Shelbi Baker, Kari Spilling, Anna Brownworth, Sophia Adams and Kiali Olivier. Don’t be surprised if these young people grow up to be local community leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs!

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