Five Easy Steps To Running A Successful Cheerleader Fundraiser

5 steps to running successful cheerleader fundraisier

Here are your five easy steps to running a successful cheerleader fundraiser

Is your cheer squad looking for ways to raise extra money this year? In this article we share five easy steps to running profitable cheerleader fundraiser events. Your time is precious, isn’t it? That is why you were going to enjoy this article.

Here are the tips to help you run a successful cheer fundraiser.

Whether you are headed to a church camp or are just looking for ways to raise money for gear, accessories, and/or additional necessities for your cheer competitions, these 5 easy fundraising ideas can help.

Easy Step 1: Free exploratory phone call

How do you know what is the best fundraiser for your cheerleaders?

The only way to find out is to call and talk to a fundraising expert for free. Let’s find out why you are raising money and how much you are looking to earn. Our fundraising Expert will help you choose the perfect cheerleading fundraiser brochure to help you reach your goal.

Many cheerleaders have used the money they have earned from our winter wonderland brochure to pay for tournament fees, summer camps, and accessories too. However, that is only one of the dozens of fundraising products we offer.

Easy Step 2: Get your brochures in the mail.

Can you imagine how exciting it will be when your fundraising brochures arrive in the mail? It’s exciting because you are only weeks away from earning the money you need.

By the way you will also get these following benefits to help your cheerleaders succeed:

  • You get free collection envelopes from us.
  • You also get to decide between using our free prize incentive program or receiving an additional 2% cash rebate. That means your cheerleaders can earn up to 52% on every sale.
  • Additionally, we will train you how to make the best use of the fundraising product catalogs. In this way your cheerleaders will be able to sell more fundraising products.
  • Finally, our experts will custom design a parent letter describing your upcoming cheer fundraising event.

Easy Step 3: Market your cheer fundraiser.

Past successful cheer fundraisers have used the following message to get the word out about their cheer fundraising promotion:

  • Email
  • Word of mouth. So talk to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers too.
  • Facebook and social media.
  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Talk to local businesses and ask if they would be interested in supporting you.

Easy Step 4: Collect payment upfront for every order.

So let’s make believe you are having a cookie dough fundraiser, and Mrs. Jones buys 2 tubs of peanut butter cookie dough at $10 each. After filling out the paperwork, you would simply collect a check for $20.

Once you have collected all of your cheerleader orders, simply have your PTA Treasurer total up your final order send it to us with the money you have collected.

That is pretty easy, isn’t it? 

We told you, you would find these easy steps to running a successful cheerleader fundraiser helpful.

Easy Step 5: Distribute your fundraising merchandise.

As soon as you submit and pay for your order, our little elves start making your cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, or anything else you have ordered. Your fundraising products will be put in the mail as soon as they are ready. Before you know it you will be receiving your fundraising merchandise.

Now it’s time for your cheerleaders to distribute the fundraising items to each of their customers. For example, you can deliver Mrs. Jones’ peanut butter cookie dough to her. Here is a great opportunity to thank her for her order and take a picture of Mrs. Jones holding her 2-pound tub of cookie dough. You can put these pictures up on Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally you may want to follow up to see how they enjoyed their products. You may have an opportunity to make a video of Mrs. Jones talking about how your peanut butter cookie dough made delicious cookies for her family. You can then share these videos on Facebook. Furthermore, you can use these next year when you plan your next cheer fund raising event.

Some final thoughts…

We hope you found these five easy steps to running a successful cheerleading fundraiser helpful. Life can certainly get complicated at times, isn’t that true ? That is why we insist on keeping our cheer leader fundraisers easy to run.

You probably have a few questions by now, don’t you?

We would love an opportunity to answer them for you. This might be a great time to give us a quick phone call. Let’s discuss your goals and see how we can make your goals a reality.

The phone call is free. It will give you an opportunity to see if you like how we do things here at

After 50 years of working with cheerleading groups in school sports teams, we have learned a thing or two. Let’s talk to see how we can make your life easy.

Remember there are only five easy steps to running a successful cheerleader fundraiser!