Easy Edible Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas For Dance Teams

edible cookie dough fundraisers

Who else wants some easy edible cookie dough fundraising ideas for dance teams?

Try these on for size and notice how your profits increase. These tips for easy dance fundraisers will be sure to help you.

Why try these edible cookie dough fundraising ideas?

Your dance team or dance group is looking to make the most money, right? That is exactly why you should seriously consider our edible cookie dough fundraiser brochure.

  • Everybody loves cookie dough. In fact, the best part of making homemade cookie dough is licking the spoon afterwards! We say, SKIP the cookies and just enjoy the cookie dough! So simply show the brochure and allow the pictures to do the selling for you.
  • You get free brochures. Just give us a count of how many you need.
  • Edible cookie dough is profitable. Your dance group can actually earn up to 52% profit. You can see for yourself our commission structure on the brochure page.
  • How much can your dance team earn? Your dance booster can earn up to $7.50 for every 2-lb tub sold.

More edible cookie dough fundraiser ideas

  • Make a list of all the people you know that like cookies.
  • Show them the brochure. Don’t be surprised if they start getting hungry just looking at the pictures.
  • Furthermore, post pictures of you and your customers on Facebook and Instagram. Let your social media followers know why you are raising money.
  • Practice your fundraising pitch until it gets comfortable.

Sample fundraising pitch for dance teams

You can suit this for your dance group.

“Hi, our dance squad is headed towards the championship. We are selling edible cookie dough to pay for our tournament fees and bus fare to get there. Will you help us to win?”

Do you know anyone that you would like to gift a tub of cookie dough? “

Cookie dough sales tips

  1. Pump yourself up before you get started each day. Choose a song that you hear in your head that motivates you.
  2. It is also important not to take rejection personally.
  3. Remember the old sales adage,”Some will, some won’t, so what?” Some people just won’t eat cookie dough no matter what you say. It has nothing to do with you. Perhaps they are watching their weight or they are a diabetic. Just look for the next person to talk to.
  4. In addition, set a goal for yourself daily. How many people will you talk to today? Don’t go home until you meet your objectives.
  5. What are your metrics? How many people do I need to talk to before I get an order? So, look for ways to beat your own record. This will help you to improve.
  6. Find a way to make this a game so it is fun.
  7. Finally, celebrate every sale with your VICTORY dance. After all you are a dancer, right?

In conclusion, we hope these edible cookie dough fundraising ideas help your dance team!