Drama Club Fundraising Ideas

Drama Club Fundraising Ideas

Drama Club Fundraising Ideas

Drama club fundraisers are a great way for students to come out of their shells and into the spotlight. Middle school and high school students get to learn about acting, play production, and stage work which results in a live play night during the school year. Whether you are performing “Guys and Dolls”, “Grease” or the Shakespeare classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” we have we have school play fundraising ideas for you.

By the way, our drama club fundraisers are also a great way to raise money for theatre groups, improve groups and performing arts studios as well.

Lights, Camera, Action for Drama Club Fundraising Ideas

Just like any other club you need money to put on your shows, don’t you? Stage plays require you to raise a lot of money to buy costumes and build set designs. This gets pretty expensive rather quickly, doesn’t it?

What can you do to raise money?

Our best high school drama club fundraising ideas for your next school play

Though selling tickets for the show will help cover some costs, there will still be a lot of debt left to pay off.

This leaves you tons of choices as to how to raise funds. But you have some of the most creative and talented students of the school in your club. They have talents you can use to your advantage, fundraising wise.

1) Brochure fundraising?

One of the best ways we have found to raise money for high school plays is our brochure fundraising catalog collection. Seriously, these work exceptionally well for school club fundraisers.

Here are some of the reasons why high school drama clubs all over the country love our school fundraising brochures:

  • First of all, your customers will LOVE these fundraising products.
  • PLUS your theater club earns up to 52% on every sale.
  • In addition, there is no upfront cost to your high school club with our funds raising events.
  • You also have the opportunity to earn as much as you like. The sky is the limit for your drama players!
  • Furthermore, we provide all of the free brochures you will need to sell to your friends and families.
  • Finally, just as you have a drama coach, we provide all the drama fundraising coaching you will need to succeed in this fundraising promotion.


And if you decide to sell something from our line of fundraising brochures – not only will you pay off all of your play debt, but you will profit as well! The products sold on https://fundraisingzone.com are sold at very specific prices, with your club profiting in mind.

Plus, the products are guaranteed crowd pleasers, so you are sure to sell well. Products include things such as absolutely delicious and affordable cookie dough, and yummy $7.00 Gourmet Popcorn which sells very well.

2) How about holding a talent show to raise money?

So, what goes into having a talent show night fundraiser?

This is the best part. After all, you get to use all of the same things you use for your school play. You have the school auditorium, lighting, microphones and plenty of seats in the house. You can also set up a concession stand to sell hot dogs and refreshments afterwards. Talk to your drama teacher to see how you can coordinate all of this.

You’ve Great Talent in Your Drama Club Already!

Next, you need talent. This should be easy, since the Drama Club should have plenty of fabulous singers, dancers and comedians already. Invite locally celebrated leaders in your community to participate too. This will get your show a lot of free publicity. Depending on how many people volunteer to perform, you may need to hold auditions to narrow it down. You will also have to decide if you are going to charge a small entry fee for each contestant or not.

Each act should be about three minutes long. Usually, about two hours is a good length for the entire event. If it’s any longer, people will tend to get restless.

You will also need to publicize the school event. You can do so by putting in an announcement on your school’s PA system. Also, hanging up flyers around your school and town, since this event should be open to the public and especially if you would like to raise more money.

So, advertise it on social media sites like facebook, twitter and instagram too. A reasonable price would be $5-$10 a person. Between this and your concessions stand profits, it should be a profitable night.

And once all of this is done and ready to go, it will be show time!

Now just sit back, relax, and watch the funds roll in!

3) Additional top tens DIY fundraising suggestions for dram club fundraisers

These are great to disperse through the year in addition to your brochure fundraiser.

  • Pizza fundraising cards
  • Flower bulb fundraising
  • Cookie dough fundraisers are always great ideas to raise funds for your drama team.
  • Discount cards
  • Scratch cards
  • Ask local businesses to sponsor you. Sponsorships can bring in a lot of money. For example, you could offer to sell advertising space on your play programs.
  • Hold a drama day camp for younger kids from the nearby elementary school that want to learn how to act.
  • Bingo night
  • Hold a car wash for a spring fundraiser.
  • Garage sale or yard sale.
  • Talk to local restaurants about giving your group a percentage of sales for one night. These restaurant dinners can be a lot of fun and help you raise a few hundred dollars.
  • Sell Raffle tickets
  • Silent auction
  • Haunted houses in October.
  • Casino nights
  • Hold a relay for life fundraiser
  • In one of our recent posts we gave the suggestion to hold a walk-a-thon fundraiser. Why not give it a try?
  • Saving pennies and loose change. It is amazing how your money savings can add up quickly here.
  • You can have a drama club softball game or other sporting events that you can sell soda and fast food to earn money.
  • Auction off a signed play bill with signatures of the entire cast of the playbill.
  • In addition, we encourage you to go outside the drama field and look at some good sports fundraising ideas & church fundraising ideas you can borrow and put your own unique twist on.
  • Finally, create a fundraising thermometer to keep your volunteers pumped about reaching your fund raising goal.

A Few Final Fundraiser Reminders

In conclusion, we believe that finding ideas to raise money for your drama theatre group doesn’t have to be hard if you follow these tips and suggestions. We find that when school drama clubs hold a cookie dough tub fundraiser or a gourmet popcorn fundraiser in addition to one of the suggestions above, they make the most profit for their school.

Would you like to learn more about our no upfront cost program for schools?

Then please order your fundraising kit here and then call 1-800-645-6550 for a free phone consultation. We promise to share with you our top drama club fundraising ideas because we want to make your next fundraising campaign a success.

so, our goal is for your drama department to want to give us a standing ovation of applause after you reach your goal!

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