“Dancing With Our Stars” Dance Fundraising Idea

Dancing With Our Stars Dance Fundraising Idea

If you were wondering about dance fundraiser ideas that you should try… then here is a good one!

The popularity of the Dancing With The Stars TV show gave an idea to these organizers in Illinois. They hope to raise more than $20,000 at this year’s Dancing with Our Stars fundraiser event.

By the way, this is their 9th year so it must be working!

Why Does The Dancing With Our Stars Fundraiser Work So Well?

The director of the organization tells us that, “It’s the premiere fundraising event we have in that region … It’s definitely community driven. The Dancing With Our Stars fundraiser event is always a success because the community comes out and supports it.”

How Successful Has This Dance Fundraiser Been For Them So Far?

Lets put it this way…

Last year’s event raised just under $20,000.

Now you know why they are counting on the support of the community again this year.

Tips To Start Your Own “Dancing With Our Stars” Fundraiser

Since this has worked for the last 9 years for them then you owe it to yourself to try it.

First, it kicks off with a cocktail hour at 5:30 pm. Dinner follows at 6:30, and then the actual dance competition begins at 7:30.

A minimum of 10 teams will compete for the trophy by performing their dance routines. Judges give scores for each dance team. The dancers can also earn points through audience donations.

The owner of the dance studio will be helping the teams with their dance routines.

The goal is to put on an amazing show. The philosophy is that if people have fun & feel they got their money’s worth, they are more likely to be generous.

Here are a few more details if you wanted to try this for yourself.

First, the tickets for Dancing with Our Stars are selling for $45 each.

Sponsorship’s start start at $100.

Local businesses can also sponsor a table with 10 seats for $500.

Here is another good idea that they thought of :

They teamed up with local businesses that donated auction prizes such as these:

  • Chef’s Table &Wine Pairing for six guests
  • Seven nights in Orlando, Florida
  • FREE rental of a backhoe for a day
  • A new barbecue grill.

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