Dancing Fundraisers

Dancing Fundraisers

Dancing Fundraisers

Dancing fundraisers have been around for many years. They are popular because people enjoy the opportunity of meeting new friends, mingling and dancing with others.

In this article we will share some of our best ideas for holding a dance fundraiser.

It seems like our dance fundraising ideas can be broken down into three types:

  • First of all, there are dance studios and schools looking to raise money for costumes, recitals and competitions.
  • In addition, there is dance company & dance team fundraising.
  • Finally, there are non profits looking to hold a dance to raise money.

You will find the following suggestions to be helpful to you.

Dancing with the stars Fundraising

Imagine holding a local version of the popular TV series right at your school or dance studio. The Dancing with the stars fundraisers have been very popular. Because of the TV show’s popularity, they have been very profitable too. In fact we suggest watching the TV show to get some good ideas.

Hold a summer dance camp

This is a great way to raise money for dance costumes and help to pay for competition trips. These can be as simple as a one day program. The students can actually conduct the class for younger children interested in joining dance later on. Furthermore, this is a great way to get future dance students! Your students will have a blast holding a summer dance camp fundraiser.

Hold a grand ball

This is an opportunity for everyone to get dressed up and have a grand old time. You could make it formal or casual. However, remember that many people like the idea of dressing up because it makes them feel special. You could charge an entry fee and sell refreshments to raise money. You can also have a photographer on hand to take pictures that can be sold afterwards.

Hold a dance show

After all the work your dance class has done practicing their routines, why not give them the perfect opportunity to show off all of your talent?

We are not talking about a typical dance recital here. Instead, we are talking about putting on a real dinner and a show fundraiser. People will be more willing to contribute to the fundraiser due to the fact you added the dinner element to the show.

Hold a taste of our town festival

Imagine holding a festival and having all of the best restaurants in town preparing samples of their finest dishes to try. Add in live music and dancing and you have a real winner. This can be very profitable to you by selling food tickets. This way you get to keep a percentage of all the food sold. Any dance school or non profit could hold a “Taste of our town” fundraiser together.

Hold a dance party

If there is good music, food, and drink available, people will be glad to pay an entrance fee.

Hold a school dance

Give this a theme. Have plenty of refreshments on hand. And by the way… no wallflowers are invited 🙂

Catalog fundraising

Each of the ideas above will net you a few hundred dollars each.

If you are interested in earning more than that, you should seriously consider one of our fundraiser catalogs. Whether you sell Cinnabons, cookie dough, gourmet popcorn or gift wrap, your customers will love our products.

Furthermore, your dance school, dance team or dance studio earns up to 52% profit on each sale. The more your dance team sells, the more your school earns.

In conclusion, you might be wondering….

  • Will these dancing fundraisers work for us?
  • How does this work?
  • How much money can we earn?

Here is our suggestion.

First read some of our customer reviews here. These come from letters and emails from people just like you.

In addition, we suggest contacting us for a free dance fundraiser consultation. With 50 years in this business we are bound to have a few helpful tips to share with you.

Finally, we have boiled this down to 5 simple steps that can make all dancing fundraisers profitable. Why not see for yourself right now?

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