Cheerleading Fundraiser Flyer

Cheerleading Fundraiser Flyer

 Looking For Cheerleader Fundraiser Flyer Ideas

Your fundraiser will only be as profitable to the extent that others find out about it! Otherwise, your cheer team will be very disappointed in the amount of money they raise. Have you thought about a cheer fundraising flyer yet?

But take heart, because there are several things you can do to design a cheerleading fundraiser flyer that will help you raise the most money.

These cheerleader fundraising ideas can help you to pay for your uniforms and travel expenses for competitive cheer events.

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However, this article will focus specifically on cheer fundraiser flyer ideas for your team.

So, then what kind of cheerleading fundraiser flyer do you need?

Here are our top fundraising flyer ideas for schools.

Are you ready?

First of all, you want to design your cheer flyer around the kind of school fundraising or sports fundraising promotion you will be having.

For example, is it a:

You get the point. Design the flyer around the cheer fundraising event.

Additional tips for the BEST cheerleader fundraising posters

  • First of all, remember that pictures SELL. So choose an eye grabbing image.
  • In addition, remember to use a good Headline, because your headline is the first thing people will read. So make sure it gets their attention and offers a BENEFIT to the reader. If the headline doesn’t capture their interest, then forget about them reading the rest of your flier. Consider it as the ADVERTISEMENT for your cheer poster.
  • Furthermore, you must explain how your fundraiser will benefit them. Tell them about the FUN they will have and the delicious things they will eat.
  • Also remember to tell them why you are having the fundraising event.
  • Another thing is to be sure to give the time and date of your event.
  • Finally, it is important to leave your contact information. Tell them to go to your facebook page to get more details.

Here are a few more cheer fundraising ideas for your flyers

Print off a bunch of flyers and have each of the cheerleaders distribute them in their neighborhoods. Ask the members of the football team to help too. Talk to local retail establishments and ask if you can either display a flyer in their window or on a table in a waiting area. A few good places to leave flyers would be doctor offices, hair salons, car washes, etc. Think about places where people have to wait and are bored because they are more apt to read your flyer then.

Take your cheerleading flyers and go digital

Here are a few more easy fundraising ideas to try. Why settle for just PAPER flyers when you can go digital too? You can either jump on the social media fundraising bandwagon or just stand by watching helplessly.

You can use your  template to create your cheer fundraising flyer in different formats:

Take your flyer and incorporate it in each of these social media profile opportunities.

  • Facebook Shared Image: You can post these on your wall and ask friends and family to share them with others.
  • Facebook Cover: These work great if you have a special Facebook page just for your cheer fundraiser. You can also use it as a temporary cover for your cheer clubs page. Remember to include these facebook fundraising ideas.
  • Twitter Post or Twitter Header: (This uses the same principle as Facebook above.)
  • YouTube Channel Cover Photo: Make and share videos about your fundraising promotion.
  • YouTube Thumbnail: This is used as the advertisement for your video containing info about your fundraising event. You can learn more video fundraising ideas here
  • Design a Tumblr Banner & Tumblr Graphics: These are great if you are using a Tumblr blog for your cheer team.
  • Create a LinkedIn Background Image or a LinkedIn Banner for your cheer team.
  • Google+ Cover Image
  • Pinterest Graphic: Furthermore, you c an start a cheerleader fundraising Pin Board.
  • Instagram image: Finally, you can share those pictures of your fundraiser flyer on Instagram!

Remember that to be successful in cheer fundraising you must combine your traditional word of mouth advertising methods with online fundraising idea. As a result you will increase the amount of money that your cheer squad earns.

Final comments on cheer fundraising posters

In conclusion, we hope you have found these cheerleading fundrasier flyer suggestions helpful.

If you would like some ideas for future cheer fundraisers, then your are welcome to look at some of our fundraising programs and order a fundraising kit.

By the way, did you know that we offer free phone consultations for youth group fundraisers like cheer and sports teams? In addition, we also can help you with prom fundraising & church fundraising too.

So, why not call 1-800-645-6550 to speak to a money raising expert right now?