Warana Cheerleaders Compete in Hawaii

cheerleaders practicing

IMAGINE competing in your very first international cheer competition. If that wasn’t exciting enough, imagine it taking place on the beautiful exotic island of Hawaii!


This is exactly what a group of Warana-based cheerleaders from the Sunshine Coast Cheerleading gym just experienced. The girls won their division with their open level three team.

The Owner of the Sunshine Coast Cheerleading gym Chantelle McMullin said, “It was good to meet teams from all over the world as we work towards bigger competitions. It was definitely nerve-racking for them as they were watching teams they had been watching online.”

Ms. McMullin said this is just the beginning for her girls.

She added, “We’re just about to start our season here next weekend… After that kicks off, we will be working really hard for National Championships.”

But how did they raise money for cheer?

What Cheer team fund raising ideas did they use?

Qualifying for the competition was only half the battle. They also had to find a way to pay their way there.

Ms McMullin added, “All the girls did everything from selling chocolates to car washing.”

She continues, “We definitely did a lot of fundraising over the last couple of months to reduce the girls’ travel costs!”

That shows you that selling fudge for your fundraiser can add up to a lot of money for your cheer squad.

Are you looking for cheer team fund raising ideas?

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You will learn how to use gift wrap, chocolate, homemade fudge & cookie dough to raise money for your travel expenses just like the Warana cheer team.