Cheerleader Fundraising Items That Raise The Most Money

Cheerleader Fundraising Items That Raise The Most Money

Our Top High Profit Cheerleading Fundraising Items

Your cheer team needs fundraising ideas for raising money for equipment, entry fees and travel expenses, don’t they?

After all, participating in cheerleading competitions can cost a lot of money. So, if you are looking for ways to raise funds, then it only makes sense to sell the cheerleader fundraiser items that raise the most money, right?

After all, if your high school cheer squad or competitive cheer team is going to go through all of the trouble to have a fundraiser, then you might as well make the most money and profit you can with no headaches.

The SECRET cheerleader fundraising idea is to sell school fundraising items, merchandise and products that people WANT to buy. Make sense so far?

Easy Cheerleader Fundraiser Items & Ideas You Can Try

After 50 years of of church fundraising & helping to organize youth group & cheerleading fundraisers, we have a few items we would like to mention:

Cheer garage sales

First of all, if you want to make a 100% profit then we suggest either holding a cheer garage sale or yard sale.

Talk to the members of your cheer group and have them ask their friends, neighbors and family for items that can re-sell. The best time to do this is in the spring when people are cleaning out their closets, basements and garages. Kids clothes, toys, CD’s and DVDs, small appliances and hand tools are always big sellers. This is also a perfect time to have a bake sale. This way you can cross sell items.

This is a perfect way to get parents in the community involved in helping your squad reach its money raising goal.

By the way, you also may want your squad to perform a few cheerleading cheers to attract the cars driving by.

The upside of this is that your group keeps all of the money raised. The downside is that these work best only in the spring or summer season. They also take a lot of volunteers for organizing, sorting, pricing and advertising to pull this off.

Cookie dough fundraisers

Here is one of our best selling cheer fundraising items each year.

People like to eat cookies and cookie dough, don’t they? Your fundraiser provides an opportunity for families to spend time in the kitchen together.

Is it affordable? You bet. We have gourmet cookie dough fundraisers starting at only $10 a cookie dough tub. If you want to earn even more money, you can sell our larger tub for only $16 each.

Remember, you can get your school sports team or varsity team to help you. So talk to the members of your football team. You might even want to hold a pep rally to start your event off with a bang!

Snackin’ in the USA & Gourmet Popcorn

Another popular fundraiser year after year with our high school groups is the delicious Snackin’ in the USA fundraiser.

Salty, sweet, chewy & crunchy, there’s something here for everyone! If you like sweet and salty, you also may want to check out our gourmet popcorn that sells for only $7.

Your cheerleading squad will enjoy selling some of America’s favorite snacks.

What is the upside to selling these items for your fundraising campaigns?

  • People LOVE to eat these things so you are selling something they BUY ALREADY.
  • You can also sell this year round.
  • In addition, your cheerleaders earn up to 52% on every sale they make depending on their volume. This means you get to raise the most money for your cheer squad.
  • We also provide you with all the brochures and coaching you will need to make this event successful. (Just see for yourself what other school groups have to say about our free support.)
  • There are no upfront costs to your cheer team.
  • Finally, you get FREE shipping when you reach the minimum order.

The downside? Your cheer club will have to do the work to make this successful. However, you will see how these beautiful brochures will make it easy for them. PLUS you get all the free phone coaching you need from our staff.

Choose Your Cheer Club Fundraising Products To Sell

In conclusion, we have some of the most popular cheer fund raising items to sell.  There are dozens of wonderful products that your friends, family, neighbors & co-workers will enjoy looking through.

We are not talking about discount cards. Instead we offer fundraising merchandise that people want to buy. From cinnamon rolls to beautiful gift-wrap and holiday gifts, there is something for everyone.

Take a moment to look at our fundraising catalog assortment. Don’t be surprised if the players on your football team or any other sports team you have will be among your best customers!

Furthermore, we invite you to call in for a 100% risk-free cheer fundraising consultation. We will find out your cheer group’s goals. Then we will design a creative fundraising idea that will help you reach your objectives.

Feel free to click here and order your FREE fundraising kit right now. You will receive samples of all our beautiful fund-raising catalogs to look at for yourself.

We look forward to helping you select the best cheerleader fundraising items for your next event. We are 100% committed to making your next cheer fundraiser campaign a success because when you win, we win too.

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