Cheer Clinic Fundraiser Ideas For Cheer Camps

Cheer Clinic Fundraiser Ideas For Cheer Camps

How to run a cheer clinic fundraiser for cheer camp

Looking for money raising ideas for cheerleaders?

Your cheerleading team needs to raise money quickly. One way to do that is by holding a youth cheer clinic fundraiser. Your cheerleaders will absolutely love raising money for their squad this way.

In this cheer fundraising article we will address the following questions:

  1. What is a cheerleading clinic fundraiser?
  2. How do we host one?
  3. What is involved in planning a youth cheer summer camp?
  4. What should we include in our cheerleader clinic agenda?
  5. Additional cheerleading clinic ideas you can try.

What is a cheer clinic fundraiser?

A cheer leader clinic is to cheerleaders what a summer dance camp is for a dance team. Your cheerleading squad gets to help to give younger girls a small taste of the exciting life of a cheerleader.

Each person that signs up for the summer clinic will pay a small donation fee to join. This way your high school or college cheerleading team gets to raise money for uniforms, competitive cheer entrance fees and travel expenses to competitive cheerleading events.

A cheer camp is a great companion to your annual cookie dough fundraisier.  (In fact all the girls you sign up for the clinic will become potential customers for your next gourmet cookie dough fundraising event.)

How to host a cheer clinic

Talk to your high school cheer coach about this idea. They can help you talk to the principal and school administrators about scheduling a week for your summer cheer camp during the summer break.

Your cheer clinic agenda

What kind of agenda should you have? That is totally up to your high school cheerleaders.

Remember, to keep it simple and fun so everyone has a good time. The idea is for these younger girls to FEEL what it is like to be a cheerleader for a few days.

Print out an agenda on your cheerleader clinic flyers. You can also display the fundraiser agenda on social media for potential students to read and learn more about your program.

If it is successful, then many students will come back again next year.

What kind of youth cheer camp schedule should we make?

How long will your summer clinic be? You can make it anywhere from 1 – 3 days. The longer the summer camp, the more money you can charge. On the other hand, a one day clinic may be more affordable for some families.

Schedule your camp so that there is a break every two hours. Have the children bring a brown bag lunch for your lunch break. Please be mindful of the younger girls in preschool or kindergarten because they may not be able to keep up with the older children.

What is involved in planning a youth cheer camp?

The BEST time to get started planning is right now. So, do not procrastinate! You will need plenty of time to organize this.

Remember to schedule your gym time for your clinic during the summer break as soon as possible. Please don’t wait for the last minute.

  • How long will your cheer clinic be for?
  • What will you charge for a donation fee for the clinic?
  • How many cheerleaders are willing to participate and help with the event?
  • Will you be enrolling female and male cheerleaders?
  • You will also need time for your cheerleaders to come up with some basic cheer routines and cheer stunts to teach the younger girls.
  • Your girls will need time to patiently practice teaching these routines.
  • You will also need time to advertise your cheer fundraising camp in advance. Use social media like facebook and instagram to get the news out about your cheerleading clinic. In addition you might want to make a few videos highlighting some of the cheers, dances and moves the girts will be learning.
  • Design and print out plenty of cheerleading camp flyers. Be sure to include a registration form at the bottom of the page.
  • Contact middle schools and elementary schools to see how you can invite their students.

Additional cheerleading clinic ideas for your school

  • You might want to start with a one day class so that the most people can afford to come. Parents will appreciate this less expensive option for saving money. You can up-sell them afterwards on a longer more expensive class to teach more difficult cheer routines.
  • You can sell cheer uniforms to make more money. This school spirit T shirt is a great souvenir to remember your summer camp. It will also serve as an advertisement for next year’s cheerleader clinic fundraiser.
  • Ask someone to video record the clinic. This way you can sell videos afterwards to the parents of the students who want to see how their kids did. It also will be a refresher course to the junior cheerleaders to help them remember what they learned.
  • Take some of the video highlights and share them on facebook and talk about what a success the camp was. Highlight pictures of each student so their parents will “LIKE” and “SHARE” the photos with friends and family.
  • You can break one of the days up and hold a cheer car wash. You can have the students practice their new routines outdoors to attract drivers that want their car washed.

In conclusion, we hope you found these cheer clinic fundraiser ideas helpful.

Please reach out to us at 1-800-645-6550 for more great cheerleader fundraising ideas.

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