Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraising

Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraising

Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraising

Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraisers – Earn Up To 52% Profit With No Up Front Cost

The Neighbors name brand Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraising program has been popular for many years. Tens of thousands of happy customers have come to love and TRUST this name brand.

But why?

Why will YOUR customers love our Scoop and Bake cookie dough fundraiser?

Simply put, it is because the name says it all.

First of all, you simply scoop out the dough from the cookie dough tubs and bake them right in your oven. You don’t have to crack an egg or mix anything at all!

Simple pleasures that are easy to bake and taste awesome!

In addition, there are over a dozen different kinds of cookie dough to choose from including gluten-free chocolate chip for those that are wheat intolerant or suffer from Celiac disease.

Furthermore, it is a tremendous value for them. They get 2.7 lbs of delicious, lip smacking, homemade tasting snacks for only $16. That is a great deal for you fellow cookie shoppers out there because each 2.7 pound tub makes 40 cookies. This comes out to a price of only .40 cents per treat. We think you will agree this is a bargain indeed!

Finally, people feel good about supporting their local schools and youth groups. Our gourmet cookie dough fundraising program gives your customers a chance to enjoy helping your non profits cause. Plus you get FZ— One of the top fundraiser companies that sell cookie dough!

Why do our clients love the Scoop and Bake Cookie dough from Neighbors?

Our customers include schools, booster clubs, churches, non-profits, youth groups and youth sports teams just to mention a few. They return year after year to hold this cookie dough fundraiser.

Why do they feel comfortable with selling the Scoop and Bake cookie dough to their friends and family?

First, they love the product because the cookies taste amazing. Our clients love that there are no preservatives or trans-fats used in making this product.

In addition, they love the opportunity to earn up to 52% profit on each order. That means they could earn up to $8.00 for each tub sold. They understand that the more they sell, the more their non profit or school will earn.

Furthermore, they love the idea that this is risk free. They only get charged for the product they sell. Then they take the money from payments received on orders to pay for the product. It is a real win-win for everyone involved.

Finally, they love the service we offer.

Plus they feel comfortable knowing they can always call to get personal help from one of our friendly staff members. See for yourself.

Want to Order?

We make this real simple. Go here to learn all about this cookie dough fundraiser.

You also can order your sample kit here.

Want To Talk To A Cookie Dough Fundraising Expert?

You probably have a lot of questions, don’t you?

We urge you to call 1-800-645-6550 right now. A cookie dough fundraiser expert will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. They will give you tips, ideas,  and suggestions to make your next event successful.

Why not give our Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough Fundraising program a try today?

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