Raise the Dough! High Profit with Cookie Dough Fundraising


Everyone loves a good cookie!

While there are many ways to raise funds for groups and organizations, schools, teams, and clubs, gourmet cookie dough fundraising is one of the most profitable of them all.  The bottom line, our high profit cookie dough fundraisers bring in big money.  And with us you get free cookie dough with each order.

Cookie dough products have a higher selling point than most other products you can sell for fundraising events. That means you can raise more funds at a lower volume of sales than many of the others. Said another way, with a little effort, you can often fill your coffers more quickly and enjoy more purchasing power for your group, organization, team or club by running a fun cookie dough fundraiser.

Our high profit cookie dough fundraisers are known for being a great way for schools and organizations like yours to raise substantial amounts of money. At FundraisingZone, we offer higher profits than you’ll see anywhere else. With our Cookie Dough brochures, you’ll earn up to $8.00 per tub of cookie dough sold. Imagine how quickly that will add up!

Another advantage of fundraising focused on cookie dough sales is that any size group can accomplish a lot. Smaller groups can be very successful selling cookie dough. However, keep in mind that the more you order, the higher the profit you make. So round up your volunteers and start selling!

How much can you expect from a https://fundraisingzone.com Cookie Dough Program?

Our clients have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars selling cookie dough products throughout the years, from elementary schools, cheer leading squads, youth sports teams, booster clubs, and church youth groups, to music departments, and daycare centers. Once they try it, they come back year after year. Their customers buy the products and are delightfully satisfied with the cookies they cook and eat together. So much so that they come back for more again and again!

Brochure fundraising is simple and easy to accomplish and it doesn’t cost anything to get started. It’s 100% risk-free because there are zero up front costs. Each member of your organization, team, or group will have brochures to show to friends and family to make it easy to take orders. With cookie dough products to offer, you’ll find your customers can’t resist saying Yes!

At Tracy Hamilton, we take pride in offering the best variety of catalogs for your fundraising efforts by offering you a wide variety of merchandise at reasonable prices. We know how important it is that you get what you need quickly and easily so you can run a successful and smooth fundraiser. Our friendly customer service team is there for you whenever you need them.

When it comes to our high profit cookie dough fundraisers we promise you:

  • low selling prices
  • highest profits
  • great products
  • fast turnaround
  • gourmet cookie dough quality with several amazing cookie dough flavors to choose from.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with our fundraising products.

Our fundraising company takes your goal seriously. We want to help you to succeed so that we can work with you again next year at your next local schools fundraiser or church fundraising event.

Find out more about our cookie dough ideas here.

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