How To Organize Your Edible Cookie Dough Fundraiser

organize edible cookie dough fundraiser 1

If your non-profit group, sports team or school is going to make the most money you better have a good plan. So here are a few ideas on how to organize your edible cookie dough fundraiser.

Tips to organize your edible cookie dough fundraiser

  • Team up with the right fundraising firm. There are lots of cookie dough fundraising companies that sell edible dough. We hope you will give us a chance to earn your business.
  • Choose a captain. Every team needs a captain. The same goes for your gourmet cookie dough fundraising team. Select a parent from your PTA, PTO or sports booster club to be your “go to” contact for your edible cookie dough fundraising event. The captain plays an important role in taking the lead in training, encouraging and motivating your sales team.
  • Set a goal for how much edible cookie dough to sell. What are you raising money for? How much do you need to earn? This is your goal. Divide the number of students on your sales team. This will give you the goal to set for each student to sell. Remember that the more you sell, the more your group can earn. If you have a school, then set a goal for each classroom. Each 2 pound tub of cookie dough is only $17. Your group can earn up to $8.50 on every sale you make.
  • Draw a fundraising thermometer. Have one of your artistic students draw a fundraising thermometer for everyone to see the progress of your team. Make it big and put it in a place that everyone can see. Remember to use red ink to show how much you have raised so far. Update this as often as you can.

Bonus tips for organizing your next fundraising event

  • Train your young people. Some people feel uncomfortable selling things at first. We believe our edible cookie dough fundraising brochure will do all the work for you. Simply train your young people to hand the brochure to their friends, family and neighbors. Then they can simply tell them why you are selling gourmet cookie dough.
  • Tell motivational stories. Celebrate every sale. When you celebrate success, you positively reinforce it. Furthermore, it serves as encouragement to the rest of the students.
  • Use our prize program. Finally, we have a free incentive program to help your students motivate themselves.

In conclusion, we hope these tips are helpful to you. Our hope is that you have a very successful edible cookie dough fundraising event.

Finally, are you looking for more tips? Reach out to us for a free conference coaching call. We also have a lot more ideas to share with you.