How To Use Video For Popcorn Fundraising Sales


How Video Can Increase Your Popcorn Fundraising Sales

If you are looking for a unique popcorn fundraiser then listen closely. This article will share 7 tips to use video for Popcorn Fundraising.

Your school, sports team or youth group wants to earn the most money, right? Allow us the chance to show you how to use simple videos on your phone to increase your popcorn fundraising sales.

Get the most popcorn fundraising sales using your cell phone.

The key to this is to hold a video contest which will help you earn more money selling popcorn.

This will take some planning, but it will be worth it because you will get lots of new buyers and additional popcorn sales.

  • Come up with a theme for your funny popcorn videos. For example, you can choose funny ways to eat popcorn, stupid human tricks, or even pet tricks with popcorn. (By the way, this works great for pet shelters wanting to raise money.)
  • Set the rules of the popcorn video contest. For example, each customer can enter one video for each bag of popcorn they purchase through your fundraiser. Remind people this is a family oriented program so please keep all the videos rated “G.” They must also talk about your popcorn fundraiser and how good the popcorn tastes.
  • Set the prize. You could offer free popcorn to the winner. However, if you want to get your buyers excited about the contest, you might want to think of something special you can offer them. For example, you can reach out to local businesses and offer free advertising on your Facebook page if they donate a prize or service. The more prizes the better, because then you can offer a first, second and third place prize.
  • Who determines the winner? Your school or youth group, PTA, or booster club can vote on the winning video. The other choice is to put up a poll on Facebook and let your fans decide.

Additional tips to help you use video for popcorn fundraising sales

  • Use hash tags. Come up with a hash tag for people to use on their Facebook and Instagram posts that identifies your school or group. For example, #PS62popcornfundraiser or #cheerpopcornfundraiser. Why do you want to do this? By searching this phrase on Facebook you will find all the videos people have put on the web for you.
  • Remember to interact with the video makers. Make sure to thank the people on Facebook who make videos for you. Why is this important? Their friends will see the videos and see your popcorn fundraising page!
  • Next year! Finally, remember that these popcorn fundraising videos can be used next year as examples of funny videos to make. Furthermore you will have a list of people to support your popcorn fundraiser event next year!

Here at we have lots of popcorn fundraiser ideas to share with you. Let us know if these tips on how to use video for popcorn fundraising were helpful to you.

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