Cookie Dough Success Story

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Cookie Dough Fundraising Success Story

Cookie Dough: A Sweet Enterprise

Looking for some of our  best gourmet cookie dough fundraiser success stories?

All over America, people are doing some really big things with cookie dough. Look at what two moms in North Carolina have accomplished. Maybe it will inspire you to raise funds with cookie dough brochures.  They have taken a great recipe and some locally sourced ingredients & are building a small empire made of soft-baked sugar cookies. Christin Kubasko and Angie Tucker, founders of Southern Sugar Bakery, have been mixing about 100 pounds of cookie dough every week, and it’s not just because they feel like being ahead of the game. This is par the course for their home-based business.

Another great cookie surprise for 2017 is the transformation of Cadbury Eggs. It took the popular Easter snack egg and turned them into actual cookies. It’s said that they are just as delicious (if you like Cadbury Eggs) and don’t make as much of a mess.

Finally, the crème de la crème of all the scoop on cookie dough, though, is the opening of the first cookie dough parlor, appropriately called Dō, that serves flavors on top of flavors of safe and ready to eat confections in no place other than New York City. The dough contains pasteurized eggs, which means that cookie dough enthusiasts won’t be exposed to salmonella when they indulge.

How Cookie Dough Can Help You Reach Your Goals

“We can’t tell our students, ‘go and live your dreams pursue your passions’ and then sit behind our desks and think about what this could be and not go after it ourselves,” Angie Tucker of Southern Sugar Bakery says. She saw cookie dough as a way into wealth, and she proved herself right. It’s not just cookie dough business owners who take advantage of the goodness that cookie dough has to offer. Groups and organizations have been using cookie dough as a popular fundraising tool for as long as cookie dough has been around. It’s a product that doesn’t need a convincing pitch and essentially sells itself time and time again.

Finding the Right Cookie Dough Mix

“We knew right out the gate we wanted to do a cookie dough fundraiser,” Sharlene Mack says. “We didn’t need to be convinced, even after we found out that it’s their bestseller in the catalog series.” Sharlene is over a fundraising committee of about two dozen parents and over a hundred students, and she understands better than anyone the appeal that cookie dough has when it comes to fundraising. The appeal? It is because, “We don’t have to mix our own dough. We can make just as much a profit without doing all the work involved to raise the money for our trips and initiatives.”

Who knows what’s next for cookie dough?

We’ve seen cookie dough come a long way over the years. It all started with the soft-baked classics. Today, its being sold by the scoop at hip locations in all the most delicious flavors. Our imaginations can take us to some pretty amazing possibilities:

  1. First of all you can try cookie dough donuts…
  2. Furthermore, how about cookie dough Snickers as an idea? (Are we getting your attention yet?…)
  3. Additionally, you can think about cookie dough frosting…
  4. Finally, what about cookie dough candles. (Can you smell them yet?)

We should probably patent a couple of these ideas!  The heaven that cookie dough creates everywhere it goes has no limits.

In conclusion, here at Tracy Hamilton Inc. we’ve been helping spread that heaven on earth. We’d love to assist your organization with your fundraising needs. Finally, please request a 100% risk free request kit or take a look at our $12 cookie dough program for schools, daycare centers, class trips, bands, school groups, boosters and a host of other non-profit youth associations.