The Cheer Block Party Fundraiser and Garage Sale

You want to do something fun, original, and inexpensive with some pretty high returns on investment? Organize a Cheer Block Party Fundraiser and Garage Sale to support your Popcorn Fundraising event at your school. Block party popcorn fundraiser is the way to go.  This event rallies the school, parents, and families in your neighborhood in one place for an exciting food and music-filled day. What’s so great about it is, you can host this event any time of the year. With proper planning and the right support team, this can be a huge success. The wonderful icing on the cake, the popcorn fundraiser, includes:

  • Four delicious mouth-watering flavors
  • Huge one gallon bag
  • “Free” popcorn with every order
  • Great Profits – up to 50%

Make sure the principal of your school approves the event and all the steps that get the ball rolling on this fun event.

Set Up Donation Bins at School

Decorate about 10 large boxes in the school spirit way- school colors, your mascot, glitter, paint, stickers, and streamers- to make them stand out strong. Place them strategically throughout the school to make them easy to find. Make sure you have more than one way to drive students to the bins. Here are some creative ways to do it:

  • Have a morning news announcement on your school’s bulletin
  • Distribute flyers in your classes announcing the Cheer Block Party where you explain how students can participate by donating and signing on as talent for the party
  • Make sure those flyers make it home so parents are also aware that they can participate as donors and talent as well

Sign On Some Talent

Don’t let anyone off the hook! Ask for the whole school’s participation- teachers, students, custodians, and administration. You might be surprised to know that the math teacher is a gifted singer, or the cleaning lady can DJ like Girl Talk. Place a schedule with blank slots on the door to the front office, the gym, and the cafeteria so everyone can fill in their names next to the open time slots so your event schedule is already done at sign up. Consider asking some members of the school band to perform during intermissions and breaks. Also, remember that this is a Cheer Block Party, so put together a cheer flash mob at the event where your team is the surprise talent at the middle of the show. This reinvigorates the crowd and gets people more interested in participating.

Get the Word Out

Go door to door in your school’s surrounding neighborhoods to invite people to the Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising block party and garage sale. Bring your fundraising brochure with you and explain to your clothing donors how delicious this popcorn is. Play up these flavors!

  • Chocolate Swirl Popcorn
  • Birthday Cake Popcorn
  • Classic Caramel Popcorn
  • Kettle Corn Popcorn

This 2 step process- asking for clothing donations and getting popcorn orders- helps you promote the future event and procure orders immediately.

Gather the Refreshments

Make a list of all the food you want at the event, then scrap the whole thing. It’s so easy to have grand ideas for all the delicious food you might want at the block party. But there’s no need- people might want something to snack on, so there’s no need to go all in when it comes to the food. Just get some soda cans, hot dogs, buns, napkins, ketchup, and mustard. Keeping it as simple as possible will make management and cleanup of the event so much easier.

Have Fun! Go Wild!

It’s showtime! Cut loose, but keep your eyes open and man your Crazy About Popcorn Fundraising table. Make sure whoever you hire to MC the event directs visitors to the popcorn table to order their selected flavors in between talent showcases. This highly successful event is sure to go over well with your school, the neighbors, the students, and should generate enough money to purchase your uniforms, competition fees, and so much more associated with the cheer life!