Catalog Fundraisers – the Easy Path

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Catalog Fundraisers – Do It The Easy Way

Looking for some easy catalog fundraisers? Imagine this for a moment. One day you’re walking down a path. Let’s call it the fundraising path. You’re not the only one on this path. Your entire organization is walking with you, and you come to a fork in the road. The signs read “Easy Street” or “Long Way.” Easy Street looks too good to be true.

  • You will enjoy a paved pathway.
  • Water fountains line the path every half mile for your convenience.
  • Finally, you get picked up by a golf kart when your feet get tired.

On the other hand, the Long Way is scenic, true, but there are hills galore. Fell trees block the road at points. Additionally, there are some murky waters in the middle of the road where too much water collected and didn’t run off. So, your team is now waiting on your decision. What will you do? represents Easy Street. Your wonderful fundraising team might brainstorm for days and sometimes weeks coming up with an original fundraising idea and a plan of executing it. That can often use a lot of resources over an extended period of time. So, why do it the long way when you can take Easy Street?

How Can Catalog Fundraisers Work For You?

The path is already paved for you. All you have to do is start walking. That means you give us a call and let us know how many people are in your group, how much money you want to raise, and which fundraiser(s) you’re interested in running. We give you a detailed advisement on what would work best for your group size and demographic, ship your preferred catalogs, order forms, and collection envelopes, and sort your orders. Furthermore, all of that costs you nothing. Finally, as long as you meet the minimum order amount, which is very easy to do, we ship your orders for free, too.

One Path, Many Branches: Plentiful Catalog Fundraiser Options

We are proud of our diverse selection of brochure fundraisers, and they generally fall under 2 categories: food and seasonal catalog fundraising selections. Each food fundraiser has something to satisfy your need for sweets, and many of them have gourmet food items as well. You’ll find some of our top sellers in this category, like Gourmet Goodness Catalog Fundraiser, and our Homestyle Fudge Catalog Fundraiser. Others like Crazy About Popcorn, $10 Cookie Dough, and Snackin in the USA provide total satisfaction for all your snack and sweets cravings.

Our seasonal catalogs have seasonal gift items, food items, and household items that fit your weather transition needs. The Simply Spring Catalog Fundraiser has items that you won’t find in our Holiday Collection Catalog because who needs a burger press for the grill at Christmas? We can help you decide which options work best for your organization and area with no problem.

How Do We Get Started On The Path?

Our fundraising catalog brochures come to your group in full color. Additionally, you get 9” x 12” collection envelopes and parent letters in English and Spanish. Finally, you get free prize brochures for your group incentives. We mail these to you for free. What if  you decide not to take advantage of the fundraiser for any reason?  Did we mail your brochures already? Then simply pay .75 cents per brochure. Why is this necessary? We want to offer our full service and attention to those organizations that are serious about executing a fundraiser.

In conclusion, please visit our website at and give us a call if you have anymore questions about our catalog fundraisers at 800.645.6550. We will supply you with with free fundraising consultations, free supplies, and free shipping too. Finally, remember that you stand to gain everything you need to execute a successful catalog fundraiser.